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collage of baby registry must-haves

Our Baby Registry Must Haves (great for first time moms!)

An amazing baby registry must-have list that’s perfect for first time moms and dads. This baby registry list is a great resource if you’re looking to build your registry for the first time, or if you just need an idea of what to get soon-to-be parents.

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I’m not going to lie, building our baby registry list was extremely overwhelming. I spent hours upon hours of doing research on Pinterest, Google, Instagram, along with asking my mama friends what they actually used the most when their babies came.

What I learned from all of my research and from most moms is that all babies are different, which means that the products you need are going to be unique to the baby. For instance, some babies loved swings such as the MamaRoo, while other babies couldn’t stand to lay in them for more than 2 minutes at a time. Another tidbit I learned is that you’ll likely need to buy multiple swaddles as each baby has their preference. Basically, it’s all trial and error.

monique in a dressing room with jeans and a turtleneck

Since my husband and I live in a 1600 sq ft Chicago condo, we wanted to be mindful on the amount of things we registered for. We don’t have a ton of extra storage space, so if certain products didn’t work well for us, then we’d likely have no place to keep them. Therefore, we tried to really be strategic on what the baby and we would actually need and use.

Of course, I’m no baby expert, but as I mentioned I did do my research and asked a lot of mama friends what they ACTUALLY use and recommend.

The only thing I didn’t include in the list below was bottles or strollers because I felt like that’s very specific to each parent and baby. I actually purchased quite a few bottles and will have to report back on what works best for us once our little love is here, since I am planning on mostly breastfeeding.

Where to register

We decided to register on Babylist because they let you register from ANYWHERE, this especially helps when you want to add a cute onesie from an online boutique or even something from Etsy. They also have an amazing app that makes registering on the go (aka at midnight in bed when the insomnia hits) super simple.

collage of baby registry must-haves

Below are what’s on my must-have baby registry list and what you may want to consider for yours too!

Nap time + down time

You’ll need a place to put your baby when you want to take a shower, want to cook dinner or just want a break from holding them in your arms when they’re taking a nap.

For the nursery


For Families

Feeding & Eating

Changing & Bath Time

Places to shop for cute baby clothes to put on registry:

If you’re a mama to be or parent to be, I hope you find this list helpful! If you’re already a parent, I’d love to know what you found to be a MUST HAVE during the first few months of pregnancy. Be sure to leave a comment below! xo.

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