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collage of what to bring to the hospital

What’s In My Hospital Bag (+ free printable checklist!)

Wondering what to pack in the hospital bag for delivery? I’m sharing the ultimate hospital bag checklist for mom, baby, dads and partners + a free hospital bag printable checklist. This list includes essential items plus extras you might want to consider.

Before we begin this post, I want to start off by saying everything I’ve learned throughout this pregnancy has been from all of YOU, my doula, midwife and amazing resources like Evidence Based Birth.

It’s been such a wonderful, life-altering journey, and this will officially my last ‘pregnancy’ post before baby comes! (Hi, I’m overdue, please come out so I can meet you – ha!)

Today I wanted to share what to pack in a hospital bag for moms, dads/wives/partners and babies; it’s truly the ultimate resource AND I’ve even included a FREE hospital bag printable checklist with everything you’ll likely want/need + a few extras!

This list was compiled after asking tons of mama friends, my centering pregnancy group at the hospital, and of course, you guys over on my Instagram. I hope you find it helpful! xo.

collage of items to put in a hospital bag

For Mom & Baby:

  1. Baby file/nail clippers: apparently babies come out with razor sharp nails. Our midwife suggested bringing a nail file and clippers as it’s easier for first time parents to file.
  2. Go home outfit for baby: You’ll need a cute going home outfit for baby because you know pictures are happening. I have loved getting a few inexpensive things from Kate Quinn Organics.
  3. Baby blanket: since I’m having a winter baby, I want to make sure it’s cozy and warm in the car seat or when I’m holding him at the hospital.
  4. Wipes for body: because I likely won’t want to shower immediately after giving birth, I plan on using these wipes to freshen up my face and body. I love these so much because they smell amazing.
  5. Footies: not necessary at all, but these are great for babies feet instead of wearing socks that they’ll likely kick off.
  6. Bluetooth speaker: I’m bringing one to use with me during labor and birth.
  7. Baby Shusher: babies love white noise so you can put this next to them while they sleep to help them adjust to being earthside.
  8. Binto prenatal vitamins: I packed a few prenatal vitamins to take after birth as I know I’m going to be incredibly hormonal. Again, not necessary, but since I have them, they’re coming with! Use the code ‘ambitiouskitchen’ to get 20% off your first month of personalized women’s vitamins.
  9. Breast feeding pillow: a lot of women recommended bringing a breastfeeding pillow so mine is coming with me. 
  10. Nursing bra: if you don’t want your boobs hanging out, then feel free to bring a nursing bra. Honestly I might wear this during labor and strip off all the rest ha.
  11. Car seat: don’t forget the car seat for going home. Make sure you have it properly installed too!
  12. Breastfeeding friendly pajamas: all I can say is YES. This is basically my going home outfit. So cozy and soft.
  13. Essential oils: these are great for your partner to mix with a carrier oil and massage your back during labor, or use them in your diffuser while laboring at home or in the hospital.
  14. Eye Mask: bring one of these if you want to get a little shut eye during your stay in the hospital. You won’t know if it’s going to be day or night or how long you’ll need to be there.
  15. Hospital bag: I’m using my gym bag as my hospital bag and love it!
  16. Heating pad: I know this is going to be a must for me. Heat on your bag is amazing when you’re in pain.
  17. Hospital gown: instead of using a hospital gown, you can bring your own. This one is SO soft and cozy.
  18. Diffuser: for diffusing those essential oils. The perfect portable size!
  19. Noise canceling headphones: my doula told me to roll up to the hospital with noise canceling headphones on and my favorite music playing. You can use these anytime you want to cut out the distractions and focus on preparing for birth.
  20. Primally Pure Deodorant: only the best natural deodorant ever. I have a feeling I’ll need this.
  21. Car seat cover: again, great for winter babies! We’re bringing this one with us.
  22. Comfy outfit to lounge in (could also be used as a hospital gown): you’ll want a nice but comfy gown to relax in post delivery and when visitors come. I’m bringing this!
  23. Nipple cream: everyone raves about this nipple cream so I’m bringing it with me. The hospital should also provide some if you need it.
  24. Long phone cord charger: everyone told me to bring a long phone charger. Seriously probably the most recommended item to pack.
  25. Toiletry bottles: we’re bringing our own soap, shampoo and conditioner so we can shower. Our midwife recommended this (along with flip flops!)
  26. Travel toothbrush: bring a travel toothbrush and toothpaste!
  27. Lip Balm: another highly recommended item was chapstick. Apparently hospitals are very dry so I’m going to slather it on.
  28. Swaddle blanket: I love the idea of putting our baby in his own cute swaddle so this was a must for me. Of course if you want to skip, know that the hospital will give you a blanket to take home.
  29. Comfy undies: I got these off Amazon and love them. They’re super cozy and stretchy and will hold pads in postpartum.
  30. Fuzzy socks: keep your feet warm and cozy!

For Partner:

My husband will be my birth partner and he’s bringing a few things in a small backpack to have:

  • Change of nice clothes for photos
  • Comfy lounging clothes
  • Deodorant/Toiletries
  • Toothbrush
  • Phone charger
  • Change for vending machine (in case you have a craving!)

Extras to consider

  • Extra bag to take home supplies: the hospital will give you a lot of stuff to take home — take it ALL.
  • Extra pillow/blankets for comfort: a lot of people suggested bringing your own pillow or blanket from home for comfort and security.
  • Makeup to freshen up for photos: if you’re going to take photos at the hospital, you may want to bring makeup.
  • Your own towels: because hospital towels suck.
  • Shower shoes/flip flops: if you don’t like your feet touching publish surfaces, bring flip flops.
  • Extra pads: this was recommended but the hospital will also provide you with pads.
  • Adult diapers/depends: some people said depends were a lot better than using pads.
  • Homemade rice sock for portable heat: we’re using this at home and may bring it to the hospital (they have a microwave we can use). Basically you put rice in a cotton sock and microwave it.

Snack Ideas

Since you have no idea how long you’ll be at the hospital, or what type of food they’ll serve you (yuck, hospital food!), then it’s best to bring plenty of snacks. Here’s what we’re packing:

  1. Nuun tabs (to stay hydrated!)
  2. Majka energy bites: these are lactation friendly energy bites that help increase milk supply postpartum! I’ve already been eating them (plus they make lactation boosting powders!) Use code ‘ambitious’ for 10% off your first order.
  3. Your favorite trail mix
  4. Popcorn
  5. SunChips (my favorite comfort chip!)
  6. RXBars
  7. Dried mango
  8. Dates
  9. Peanut butter packets
  10. Organic fruit leather/strips
  11. Energy bites
  12. Fig Newton bars (these are SERIOUSLY the best snack)
  13. To go oatmeal cups
  14. Homemade healthy granola

printable checklist of what to bring to the hospital



I hope you found this post helpful. Please let me know what you’re packing in your hospital bag in the comments below and of course, what snacks you’re bringing! xo.

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