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Weekend Favorites: 10 random confessions

In today’s weekend favorites I’m sharing 10 random confessions that you might not know about me. Read them here + plenty of amazing links!

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How are you guys? I mean seriously, how are you? 

To be honest, I find myself sitting here feeling overwhelmed and slightly anxious for a plethora of different reasons. And it’s not because I’m watching Matthew Mcconaughey be extra awkward in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days or anything. Rather, I think I’m feeling a little chaotic because over the past few months life has gotten a little insane with work and now, our wedding.

monique posing with a hat on


Being overwhelmed and anxious is a tough issue to conquer — am I right? Being busy has kind of become the new norm for plenty of us, especially as a girl boss.  So instead of me telling you how busy I am, I’ll confess what’s actually happening in my life lately:

1.) I’ve found that I haven’t really enjoyed wedding planning just yet (is that bad?) nor stayed on track with what I should probably be doing for that. Everyone tells you to enjoy planning, but it’s kinda stressful, no?At this point our wedding is 7 months away. I haven’t asked all of my bridesmaids yet. I haven’t gotten my dress. I haven’t sent out save the dates (but they are done!). However I have stared at Pinterest for more hours then I thought I could. I finally booked an appointment at a bridal shop in LA for the end of the month to check out some dresses. I went to BHLDN in Chicago but things just weren’t jiving with my soul. Do you have any suggestions for good bridal shops?

2.) Last week we shot 4 wellness videos over two days in partnership with Under Armour Women. The days were long, but the work was invigorating and I can’t wait to show you once I get them back. It was cool because I got to work with a former co-worker on the videos. I’m realizing that I really LOVE doing on-camera video work, which in turn makes me realize that it’s good to challenge myself to do projects I’m truly excited and in love with, even if it means being exhausted for a few days.

3.) My Grain Free Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Three Ways baking kit launched last week in partnership with Cake in a Crate. It would mean so much to me if you purchased one. I spent weeks perfecting the recipe and eating them so that you could make it a few different ways (cookies, skillet & blondies)!

4.) I’m trying to keep up with our Healthy Glow Co. #GlowGoodChallenge because frankly it’s just fun! If you haven’t done it yet, you can join us anytime! Read more about the challenge here and be sure to check out and follow our Instagram.

5.) I have been eating way too much food lately and not really watching what I’ve been eating. Most likely stress eating, or the fact that I’ve had to test 15 recipes over the past four days for the upcoming Healthy Glow Guide, which features ALL NEW never before seen recipes. Look, it happens to most of us and I know I need to get back to eating better but still, hopefully writing it holds me more accountable. I need to be good on Easter. But maybe I’ll just be naughty because LIFE is about enjoying yourself.

6.) It’s tax season and I had to go through all of my finances from last year. Apparently I didn’t pay enough into the government so now I have a big old tax bill. Fun times, especially when you are planning a big wedding. Also, note to self that a good accountant is everything. So glad I have one now.

7.) I literally tested recipes in my pajamas 3 days this week with no shame. Best kind of clothes to get chocolate on, right?

8.) I’m having some weird grief over my Dad not being able to walk me down the aisle. It keeps creeping up on me suddenly. Again, I think it could also be because I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and emotional.

9.) People are already asking when we are going to have kids. I just laugh, but the answer is… whenever we are blessed enough to have them!

10.) I saw Beauty and the Beast while I was hungover and it was in 3D. Frankly I thought I was going to be sick. But also, I didn’t really love the movie that much. Though Emma Watson will still forever be my favorite.

Through all of this stuff going on in my life, I’ve realized that the one thing keeping me grounded is Tony, watching The Americans (or just a TV show) and my morning workouts. I am thankful for those things. And wine. Lots and lots of wine.

P.S. Kate Hudson just appeared in that gorgeous yellow dress in the movie. I die.

Okay, so enough about all of my confessions, let’s do weekend favorites:

Biggest food trends for spring 2017. What do ya think?

I could live in this top, I swear.

On adult friendships. Shit, they’re hard and this article was a good read.

Potatoes for easter… that you can make in your slow cooker!

The swimsuit I’m seriously obsessing over!

Lemon poppyseed muffins… paleo and made with coconut flour.

Love this illustration on how to make homemade candles.

Gorgeous green matcha mint shake for all your mornings.

The best salad I’ve seen in quite sometime.

Just got this top and feeling sassy. I accidently purchased it twice (two different transactions).

The swimsuit I’m seriously obsessing over!

I hope you have the best Easter weekend! xoxo

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