Happy, happy weekend!

This weekend I’m heading to Boston Pops in Nantucket with Lorissa’s Kitchen. I’m really freaking excited because Lee, Liz and Davida will be too… hello girl’s weekend! We’ll be there helping to promote Lorissa’s Kitchen products so make sure to follow along on Instagram & Snapchat (username: AmbitiousKitch).

This past week I did some recipe consulting with Flatout Bread and we shot two full days of recipe videos in a gorgeous Chicago home. It reminded me how much I love doing video and need to find a way to do more!

Speaking of videos, Rose and I will be doing a Facebook Live video next Friday. If you want to see me make anything specific, let me know!

Monique Windstar-12 copy

In other news: We just started finishing up all the documents necessary to buy our new condo. Why didn’t anyone tell me there would be so much paperwork?! Just laughing at myself over here — it forced me to be more on top of accounting/file organization, so maybe it is good thing after all. But seriously, will someone please tell me how on earth you organize receipts?! I’m talking boxfuls. HALP.

Okay moving on from that nonsense. Let’s get to the good stuff:

We’re going to a wedding in a few weeks and I’m thinking about ordering this dress, this one or maybe this one!

Starbucks will finally have almond milk!

No bake almond butter cup bars. Okay I just died.

Holy gorgeous peach carrot cake. Obviously craving sweets today.

23 healthy zucchini recipes. Seriously though, should I do zucchini week on the blog?

Really loving this travel site right now.

Omg, omg, omg hatch chile cornbread?! AMAZING.

I feel like Tony would love this cheesy, yet healthy casserole.

Loving this moisturizer. I use it every morning and before I go to bed mixed with rosehip seed oil.

Chickpea potato salad has me drooling!

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