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avocado egg toast with hazelnuts

Weekend Favorites! 3.11.16

Taking time to celebrate the weekend with my favorite things from this past week.

This past week was tough. Tony’s Grandpa passed away suddenly and so we’ve been a little out of sorts, but also taking the time to be thankful that he lived a good, fulfilling life.

Grandparents are one of the most special people and wise beyond your imagination, so be sure to hold onto yours tight and give them plenty of love while you still can.

avocado egg toast with hazelnuts

In other news, I’ve figured out that the best way for me to get creative when it comes to recipe development and projects for my blog, is by taking a long walk and listening to music. Usually I’ll walk 3-4 miles and keep a list of ideas on my phone as they come to me. As I walk past restaurants, people or even colorful storefronts, I’m always gaining inspiration. Highly recommend trying it out to both clear your head and help you focus.

Other eating inspiration? BRUNCH! I had an incredible avocado hazelnut toast with a fried egg from The Winchester here in Chicago. Too good and now I plan on making it at home ASAP as a quick and easy lunch.

What are your weekend plans? We’re probably going to do A LOT of walking (weather permitting). I cleaned out my closet, office and our hallway closet and have about 8 bags of old clothes to donate. Now that I don’t work in an office setting, I rarely touch half of my wardrobe. Time to let it go! Honestly, it feels so good to say goodbye to clutter and closet chaos.

It’s also St. Patrick’s Weekend in Chicago, which means they’ll dye the river green. I’m certain that most of the city will have beer goggles on the rest of the weekend. I may or may not be one of them. Now that you know what I’m doing, let’s get on to my favorites!

20 minute tomato soup! Craving.

What I’m making for breakfast soon. Smoothie bowls forever!

50 travel tips for all of those with a little wanderlust.

Lightened up greek yogurt chicken salad! My lunch soon.

My heart melted when I watched this video. Cats are the best.

Just purchased this new journal and so dang excited about it.

I adored this travel guide to Oahu. So many helpful tips.

Just got these sunglasses and love them oh so much.

House transformations are my absolute favorite.

Hope you didn’t miss out on this epic (healthy!) carrot cake.

Have the best weekend ever. Sorry for keeping this one so short. xo!

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