This week on Ambitious Kitchen: Slowing down, learning to appreciate more and stress less. Plus all of our favorite links from the week!

Weekend Favorites: Slowing down + trying meditation

This week on Ambitious Kitchen: Slowing down, learning to appreciate more and stress less. Plus all of our favorite links from the week!

It’s finally Friday, which means we get to relax, enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Funny enough, every single day this week I thought that it was either Thursday or Friday; does that ever happen to you? I couldn’t keep my days straight.

This week on Ambitious Kitchen: Slowing down, learning to appreciate more and stress less. Plus all of our favorite links from the week!

smoothies from Graze after a workout at Studio Three in Chicago

This week our furnace stopped working. This was probably due to the fact that our furnace stopped working; it was over 20 years old so it didn’t really surprise me. Thankfully, we didn’t need to replace the entire thing though — it just needed an updated part so now it’s back to running like it’s 1992.

Sleeping without heat in the middle of a Chicago winter actually wasn’t that bad, but it certainly made me grateful for having heat in our home. We spent a decent amount of time in front of our fireplace and I’m not going to lie, I did turn the oven on quite a few times just to warm up my hands.

salad in a meal prep container

I also spent time eating the meals I prepped from the HGG 28 Day Reset. I’ve been LOVING everything and it’s been so much fun to see everyone’s progress. There’s still time to grab a copy and enjoy 28 days of healthy meals (with over 60+ gluten free recipes!).

This weekend we’re heading to Tony’s parents to celebrate Christmas and our birthdays (finally!). Since we were on our trip during the holidays + our birthdays, we postponed celebrating Christmas until we could all be together. It should be a good time and hopefully I’ll get to make a batch of my favorite cinnamon rolls.

bathtub with a candle

Slowing down + trying meditation

I’m still catching up on work and getting ahead on things that fell behind while I was gone. Most of all, this year I want to focus on slowing everything down a little more. This means less posting on the blog, more quality work and focusing on recipes that are truly from the heart. We’re talking creative, make you happy, insanely delicious global flavors that you’ll want to make ASAP.

Recently I downloaded the Headspace app because I want to try to incorporate meditation in my life more. I tried it out for the first time this week while taking a bath and loved it. I’m eager to try out the Calm app too and Insight Timer because I’ve heard great things. Have you tried any?

I know that it’s incredibly important for me to find balance and reduce stress & anxiety in my life, especially after the last year I had. So this year, I’m devoting more time to me, and in exchange I hope it results in better work, more positivity and creativity.

A few things that I think will help: start out meditating at least every other day, drink more tea in the evenings, work ahead and stay focused so that I create a happy environment for myself. Also, more baths because they soul my soul.

Who else loves baths?

And now it’s time for weekend favorites!

I’m absolutely obsessed with this deodorant. It actually works and it’s all natural. It’s the only kind I brought with me to my honeymoon.

Here’s what a salt room is + learn how it can help your anxiety.

Science says drinking this can make you more creative.

Totally making this soup. It’s beautiful and reminds me of my childhood.

Gluten free seedy bread for the win.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season Two trailer is finally here!

Might have to try these protein krispie bars.

Here’s what you should know about cleaning with vinegar!

I’m OBSESSED with these jeans!

And finally, you should bake this cake over the weekend.


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