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Weekend Favorites: My Cold-Fighting Routine

Here are the natural ways I help get rid of a cold quicker. Everything from tea and anti-inflammatory foods to herbs and broth.

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I know I said I was going to share my wedding photos this week on the blog but then I came down with an awful cold (like so many of you) and couldn’t open my eyes long enough to go through them all. Next week will be the week!

When I was younger, I was sick ALL the time. And I swear the doctors put me on antibiotics as soon as I walked into the clinic.

monique sitting on a counter with a cup of tea

There wasn’t as much research on antibiotics as there is now, so we didn’t know that taking them on a frequent basis could cause your body to build resistance towards the antibiotic and disturb the good bacteria in your body. After a while of taking various antibiotics for ear infections, colds, sinus infections, etc, they started to quit working. As a consequence, I started to have issues with my gut, digestion and overall getting sick WAY too much.

Not only did I have to spend a lot of time (years) healing my gut, but I also learned how to keep up my immune system and resist going down the path of being prescribed antibiotics. I did this through incorporating gut friendly foods into my diet, including probiotics, ginger, yogurt, fermented foods, pineapple, etc. I also started working out on a frequent basis which for me is a game changer in the way my body feels.

cup of tea

These days I rarely get sick and in the times I do (mostly when I ride the red line Chicago train too much) I know what to do and what works best for my body. I thought I’d share it with you today, because not only do I believe in using natural medicine and herbs to heal when possible, but I know a lot of you do too!

I’m always curious what others do when they feel on the weather, so please let me know what you love and recommend too so we can all share, learn and chat with one another!

body oil and essential oils

My Cold Fighting Routine:

1.) Eat anti-inflammatory foods: I incorporate more fresh ginger and turmeric, garlic, fermented foods, and oregano. I also love fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley and basil. I basically just make various versions of my turmeric chicken chickpea soup. Food is an incredibly powerful tool that can be healing.

2.) Essential oils. I recently got a diffuser and like to use eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and lemon are my favorites right now. I also like to put drops of eucalyptus in my shower so that I can inhale the steam. It works wonders when you have chest congestion.

3.) Tea.  Lots and lots of tea. There’s nothing better than a warm cup of tea to soothe your throat.

4.) Hydrate as much as possible. Pure H2O is the way to go. I recently got an amazing water bottle that I’m obsessed with because not only is it insulated, but it also comes with a straw (which helps me drink more)!

5.) Enjoy broth. LOTS of broth. Chicken broth. Bone broth. Vegetarian broth. All the broth.

6.) Raw honey. I freaking lot honey in soup, in my turmeric lattes or stirred into my tea. Read more about raw honey benefits here.

7.) Immune Boosters. This includes echinacea, elderberry, zinc, magnesium and lots of rest. Finally I’m going to start incorporating oil of oregano more into my immune booster rountine after all of your recommendations! Thank you.

8.) Lots of warm baths with epsom salts & essential oils! This is my favorite way to rewind when I’m not feeling well. Even if it’s just a warm bath, I find it soothing and relaxing. I ususally add 1/2 cup of baking soda and a few drops of lavender. Just make sure you hydrate before and after.

I hope if don’t incorporate some of these into your wellness routine that you’ll start soon.

monique drinking tea

Now onto some weekend favorites from this past week:

Bakery style brownies from my bestie!

When I’m not thinking about chocolate, I’m dreaming about this dreamy broccoli.

In love with the back of this cute sweater.

I just got this diffuser and love it. I’ve been using different oils and would love to know your favs!

Cannabis infused bath products. Are you into it? Let me know your thoughts!

Don’t throw out your clementine peels just yet… there’s a good use for them.

These big candles are perfect for warming up any room.

If you like a lil’ ruffle this sweater is perfect for pairing with your favorite jeans.

These baked jalapeno poppers are my favorite appetizer on the planet.

Hope you all have an amazing week ahead. I’ve got an epic garlic bread recipe coming for you next week so stay tuned! xoxo.

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