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So, this is a long-winded letter to remind myself that I am enough. You are enough. We’re doing enough.

Weekend Favorites: a letter to myself & anyone who needs it

So, this is a long-winded letter to remind myself that I am enough. You are enough. We’re doing enough. Remember to take time for yourself.

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HELLO! And welcome to your not so average weekend favorites.

I’ve been talking a lot about self-realization, self worth and growth on Instagram. It’s a place for me to send you inspiration in a photo, quickly write up a quote and spout it off to the world. But today I want to talk about something real that’s been showing up in my life. Something that deserves a write up.

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Over the past few weeks, it’s been difficult to feel like I’m doing enough in all areas of my life. My happiness and enjoyment of success after an achievement is incredibly short-lived and then I’m onto the next project or task. I’m in a constant of doing more and never feeling like it’s enough. I’m sure many of you might feel the same way. In your careers, in your relationships, in your side projects or anything your devoted to. It’s a hard feeling to try and manage.

First, I’m here to tell you that you are valuable and you have unlimited potential. I’m also here to tell you that being like somebody else and imitating their success strips you away from your full potential to do what you were meant to do. We all have different paths — sometimes it just takes time for us to see what they are. You will get where you need to be.

I’m also here to tell you more isn’t always better; sometimes the more you take on, the more you feel weigh down if you don’t manage it. So how do you manage everything? This is something I’ve been struggling with.

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The biggest realization in my own life has been centered around setting expectations, understanding self awareness and what that means for my life, career, goals and passions.

I am an idea person. This means that I could probably come up with a million ideas of ways to have a business, grow it, create it and keep it successful. I live on ideation. I like to think and brainstorm. And I love to create. That is who I am and for that, I am proud.

However, being an idea person and an executioner are two completely different things. This means that I can’t set the expectation for myself that I can continue to operate Ambitious Kitchen in all facets while it continues to grow. I need help. I can still be the brains and creator, but I can’t do it all. This has been the biggest shift in my reality lately: I just can’t do it all, and that’s okay. Even with Abra and our small team, I still can’t do it all.

I believe one of the reasons I don’t feel a sense appreciation for my success and achievements is because I’m constantly moving on to the next goal, project or milestone. But also, this is the society we live in. We are consistently told that we can do anything. And in truth, I believe that. But when is doing it all enough? When does it feel good and content?

Constantly challenging myself to no end and banking my happiness on each goal I set, doesn’t keep me happy. Doing more and more doesn’t fulfill me.

monique and tony

What fulfills me is spending time with my husband, long talks with my mom, traveling, creation (of any kind!), dreaming big, failing and picking myself back up, learning and inspiring all of you. THOSE are the wins I need to celebrate more instead of my Instagram followers. Those are the things I need to continue to stay true to. So, ask yourself: what actually fulfills me? What do you need to feel content? Those are the things that matter.

While blogging is one of the best things I’ve had happen to me, it’s also turned into something I never knew it would be. I’m adapting and growing, and trying to keep it real with all of you. When I started blogging I never knew that I’d be sharing my fashion, beauty, hair and everything in between on platforms for everyone to pick apart, compare and examine. Instagram wasn’t about being perfect or watching my day to day life on Stories (that didn’t exist).

Today there are still parts of me that aren’t online. There are parts of me that are wild and free without the internet and I like to keep it that way. I can’t please everyone who follows me, I’m not perfect and I will never try to be.

But I AM HUMAN, just like everyone else. I’m learning as I go. And while it may seem that I have my shit together, there are days where I don’t. There are times where I feel overwhelmed, stressed and confused, yet it gives me comfort that I can come here and write this to you and just be real. This blog has always, always been a place for me to be myself and I am thankful and PROUD of that.

monique and abra

So, this is a long-winded letter to remind myself that I am enough. You are enough. We’re doing enough. Tell your best friend, significant other, or coworker know that he/she is enough.

Remember to take some you time this weekend, and know that you don’t even have to tell anyone that you’re doing it.

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