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Free Printable Clean Eating Grocery List + Survey!

A FREE printable Clean Eating Grocery List to provide you with an idea of what you should be picking up when you head to the grocery store!

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Happy Wellness Wednesday! You’ve probably heard of the term clean eating before, right? If you haven’t, here’s a simple definition: Clean eating is basically the practice of eating whole foods that are real, unrefined and minimally processed.

Often times you’ll hear people bash ‘clean eating’ because they say it’s too black and white on that foods are labeled good or bad or clean and dirty. BUT here’s my philosophy with clean eating, because I think it’s a different then most out there — I believe that clean eating should be about inclusion rather than exclusion. Sometimes it seems people might read too much into the labels of clean eating and try to break the term down into something it isn’t.

Clean eating doesn’t mean you are gluten free, vegan, grain free or paleo. It means that 80% of the time you try and make choices that will fuel your body with nutritious choices. It’s not about being pure 100% of the time or anything like that, so don’t get caught up in the world clean.

My personal belief is that we should be including more of the foods in my grocery list into our diets whenever possible, but that also we should be flexible with our choices. In reality, the clean eating movement is about encouraging others to include wholesome, nutritious foods in their diet! Let’s eat more veggie, fruits and less processed junk OVERALL Yes, you can still have pizza — but less often, or maybe you create a whole grain version or topped with with veggies and less cheese.

This is exactly why I created this FREE printable clean eating grocery lists — to encourage you to include more of these foods in your daily diet!

My challenge to you

The next time you’re at the grocery store find a new fruit or veggie (or really anything) from the list. Challenge yourself to learn how to cook it differently or try something different. For example, you could pick cauliflower and attempt cauliflower rice, buffalo cauliflower or mashed cheesy cauliflower. You may find that you really enjoy it.

The point here is that small baby steps in your daily diet can lead to big changes in the long run. Perhaps you’ll find a new food your family or partner enjoys. Or maybe you’ll get creative in the kitchen and so a little fun meal prep for the week that includes kale or broccoli (something you normally don’t eat).

Don’t be afraid to take this list to the grocery store and try something new and different. Search Pinterest for recipes (or Ambitious Kitchen obviously).

Print the grocery list!



We are in the midst of planning for a MAJOR announcement this January 2017 and I would love to get some input from you regarding health, food and fitness. I want to hear about the things you care about (and the things you don’t!). I greatly appreciate your opinion!

Please take 5 minutes to fill it out this survey for your chance to win a box of RXBARS! Whoo hoo!

Thank you so much for all of your help and continuous love. xo!

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