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Heart pumping full body workout - you do each workout 10 times the 9, 8, 7... etc. 30 mins and you feel the burn! #SummerSWEATseries

10 to 1 Full Body Workout (Summer SWEAT Series)

A heart pumping full body ladder workout! You do each workout 10 times all the way down to 1. It takes just 30 mins and you feel the burn!

Full body workout collage

Equipment Needed: physio ball, bosu ball, bench, medium-size dumbbells 

Description: Complete each exercise for reps. Do each exercise 10 times. Do each exercise 9 times.…8, 7, 6…1. 

Warm-Up: Begin with a light, 1-mile jog on the treadmill (or outside) or 10 minutes easy on the elliptical to get your heart rate up.

Decline Push Ups on Physio Ball: Begin in a high plank pose with a physio ball plead under your shins. Make sure to keep your shoulders over your wrists and your core tight. On the inhale, lower down into a push-up, leading with your chest. On the exhale, reset back to plank. Modification: Do normal push-ups on your toes or knees.

Squat Jumps to Bosu: Begin with a bosu ball about 3 feet in front of you. Start with your feet hip width distance apart. Lower down into a squat, keeping your chest up and weight in heels. Explode off your feet landing in a squat on top of the bosu ball. Then, explode off the bosu ball and land back where you started. Modification: do normal jump squats or bodyweight squats.

Single Arm Dumbbell Chest Press on Ball: Begin with your upper back and neck resting on a physio ball. Place your feet hip-width distance apart and grab a set of medium-weight dumbbells. Using your core to balance, lift both arms in the air. Then, perform a single arm chest press by bringing one arm into a T. Then reset back to center and repeat on the other side.

Single Leg Step Up to Reverse Lune: Begin standing in front of a bench. Then, step up onto the bench with your right leg and lift your left knee up into a 90 degree angle balancing on one foot. Then, step down with your left foot, and perform a 90/90 lunge, stepping your right foot back. Repeat 10 (9, 8, 7…) on each side. Challenge: hold a light or medium set of dumbbells. 

Lateral Bounds: Set two cones about 10 yards from each other. Get low, and shuffle back and forth between the cones, tapping the ground every time you get to one end. There and back = 1.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before starting a new fitness regime. While Lee from Fit Foodie Finds and Monique from Ambitious Kitchen consulted with professional trainers for the Summer SWEAT Series fitness program, you are participating at your own risk. Please modify and listen to your body. 

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