Amazing full body stability workout -- really great core and balance work to keep your muscles tight and working hard! #SummerSWEATseries

Full Body Stability Workout (Summer SWEAT Series)

An amazing, full body stability workout that you can do any time, anywhere! This workout requires minimal equipment and targets all parts of your body.

Amazing full body stability workout -- really great core and balance work to keep your muscles tight and working hard! #SummerSWEATseries

Thursday: Full-Body Stability Workout

Equipment Needed: Physio ball, light and heavy dumbbells

Description: Complete the circuit 3 or 4 times through.

Warm-Up: Begin with a light, 1-mile jog on the treadmill (or outside) or 10 minutes easy on the elliptical to get your heart rate up.

10 Heisman Single-Leg Squats: Begin standing on your left leg holding a medium-size dumbbell. Drive your right leg bak and sink down into a single leg squat. Sit back and keep your knee over your ankle and your core engaged.  Make sure your weight stays in your heels. Twist your core and bring your right elbow to your left knee. Repeat 10 times on EACH leg.

20 Alternating Singl- Leg Lateral Hops with Bear Hug: Begin standing on your right leg with your arms crossed at your chest. Lower down into a squat stance and explode off your right foot landing on your left foot in the same low squat stance. Make sure to land light on your feet with the weight in your heels. Keep your arms tucked into your chest at all times to rev up your core stability.

:45 Single Leg Hip Bridge: Begin laying on your back with with your left foot on top of a physio ball and your right leg floating in the air. Lift your hips up into the air and hold for 45 seconds. Then, repeat on the other side.

20 Alternating Plank Rows with Dumbbells: Begin in a high-plank pose with two medium-size dumbbells in your hands. Keeping your hips square to the ground, inhale and row your left arm up, stopping when your elbow hits your ribs. Hold for two seconds and then release. Alternate sides. Modification: Drop down to your knees and/or use lighter dumbbells.

10 Rolling Sit Ups to Overhead Press: Begin seated with your feet hip-width distance holding 2 light or medium-size dumbbells. Roll back into a ball, pulling your knees into your chest, keeping the weights at your shoulders. Then, come forward, plant your feet and perform a shoulder press. Keep your chest lifted and back flat.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before starting a new fitness regime. While Lee from Fit Foodie Finds and Monique from Ambitious Kitchen consulted with professional trainers for the Summer SWEAT Series fitness program, you are participating at your own risk. Please modify and listen to your body. 

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