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Happy Weekend // links I love this week

Celebrating the weekend with some of my favorite links from this week. Check out some yummy recipes, a new book to read, and an update on my new kitty!

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Happy, happy weekend!

I’m happy to report that the New Year has completely re-energized me in terms of working out, healthy eating, and thinking about the blog. So many recipe ideas are swirling around my head that I literally have to stop myself from going to the grocery store more than once per day.

In other news, Tony and I are headed to Cancun next week for a little vacation. Thanks for your recommendations on where to go while we’re there. I’ve been to Cancun multiple times but mostly just end up sitting around my hotel drinking and eating all day. Although, isn’t that what vacations are kinda for?

Last but definitely not least, I feel like I’m a brand new mom because all I care to do is stare at my brand new kitty, Milly. She’s oh so sweet and loving, following me around and napping frequently on my lap while I work. Right now she’s snuggled in a cozy little ball next to me. Oh and she has a crazy appetite too, but I haven’t gotten her to eat dry food alone yet. I’m petrified that she’ll start loving wet food too much and will get a little belly. If you have any good recommendations for weaning kitties off wet food, let me know!

Let’s move on from cats and get to some delicious and fun links this week – I LOVE doing this every Friday and am trying to come up with a fun series. I have to think more on it but for now here are my favorites:

Currently I have overgrown bangs and I love this idea for what to do with them in their awkward stage.

Ummm yep, slow cooker banana oatmeal is the breakfast of my dreams.

Ever heard of Rosehip Seed Oil? The skin benefits  are amazing! I use it as a serum everyday and love making my own face masks.

I just ordered this book off Amazon. Did you know they’re making it into a TV movie?!

Want to start freelancing? Here are some great resources.

What are some of your favorite items from Trader Joe’s? See if it made their most popular list.

I am dying to make this lasagna. Bonus: it’s healthy!

Just purchased these leggings and they are my favorite. Seriously SO comfy and I wear them at yoga too!

This breakfast was such a popular item on menus when I lived in California. A big smoothie bowl = YUM.

I just purchased kitchen shelves and will be trying out this idea for organizing all my baking goodies.

Tony got me a Michael Kors purse for my birthday (pictured above); I love the crossbody look and it prevents me from over-stuffing my bag with receipts.

Homemade ThinkThin bars? Oh hell yes.

Loving this 30 minute weightbody pyramid workout that I can do at home or while traveling.

Hope you enjoyed my favorite links! xoxo

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

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