Introducing the HGG STRONG Fitness Plan + 10 Ab Exercises in 10 Minutes

It’s here! Our new Healthy Glow Co. HGG STRONG Fitness Guide has 6 weeks of strength and cardio workouts to help you crush your fitness goals.

I’m just getting back to Chicago and settling into my routine after a weekend trip to Boulder, Colorado for our first ever Healthy Glow Co. retreat, which was absolutely AMAZING. Fourteen girls from across the country to celebrate the amazing community we’ve built for the past year and enjoy a day of self care including facials, hiking, cooking together, family style meals and SO MUCH MORE.

Anddddd that’s not all! This weekend we also celebrated some big news: our HGG STRONG fitness plan is finally live!

It's here! Our new Healthy Glow Co. HGG STRONG Fitness Guide has 6 weeks of strength and cardio workouts to help you crush your fitness goals.


Introducing HGG STRONG

HGG STRONG is a fitness guide packed 6 full weeks of programming with 18 brand new workouts designed in partnership with my dear friend Kathryn Morgan, a Chicago-based certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. 

The workouts in #HGGSTRONG are focused on getting you STRONGER by lifting heavier weights, incorporating plyometric moves, and challenging you with cardio bursts. We’ve even included a test to help you measure your strength before, during and after you complete the guide.


  • 6 weeks of workouts (3 new workouts each week).
  • 18 new workouts total.
  • All workouts have different formats (AMRAP, chippers, circuits and MORE!)
  • A workout calendar for either 3x or 5x per week
  • Modifications for both beginners and advanced movements
  • Cardio/Core, Upper Body and Lower Body workouts
  • An exercise library including photos and written descriptions of each move
  • A video library including demonstrations of how to do each move in a workout so you can practice good form.
  • A pre and post guide test to help you measure your strength progress
  • Pre and post-workout snack guide with new recipes available during the 1-week launch


  • Motivation to start a new routine
  • Transformative workouts designed by an expert
  • A leaner, stronger mind and body
  • Easy-to-follow schedule so you always know what’s next
  • Varied formats so you never get bored
  • Tons of new challenges (faster time, heavier weight, advanced modifications) to extend the program beyond 6 weeks
  • Dedicated fitness community

It's here! Our new Healthy Glow Co. HGG STRONG Fitness Guide has 6 weeks of strength and cardio workouts to help you crush your fitness goals.

The workouts balance both strength and cardio with targeted exercises that you can complete in 45 minutes or less — perfect for your busy schedule. We’ve designed the workouts to hit your upper body, lower body and core while building endurance, so you’re guaranteed to get stronger and feel like a badass.

Whether you’re starting strength training for the first time or you’re an old pro, each workout has modifications to meet your fitness goals and needs.


We know how important it is to fuel up before and after your workouts, so if you buy before the end of this week, we’ll include a 10 recovery snack e-book packed with recipes that include the perfect combo of carbs, fats and protein. These delicious snacks are quick, easy and perfect for prepping during the week so that you can focus on crushing your workout.

I can’t wait for you guys to try out #HGGSTRONG. Head to the store and pair fitness + delicious recipes with the HGG STRONG Fitness Plan and the HGG Fall & Winter Meal Plan (think comforting, hearty meals to enjoy all season long).

monique and lee stretching

BONUS: 10 Ab Exercises in 10 Minutes

In case you want a little bonus workout, try these 10 ab exercises that only take 10 minutes to complete. 1 minute per exercise! Ready, set… GO!

Grab your copy of the HGG STRONG program today and let’s get stronger together!

Leave me a note or tag #HGGSTRONG or #HGCCOMMUNITY to share your progress – we can’t wait to hear how it’s going. Enjoy xo!

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