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collage of kitchen essentials

Our Favorite Kitchen Essentials

Our absolute favorite kitchen essentials that are perfect for stocking any kitchen! From our go-to kitchen tools and small appliances to bakeware and even the best cleaners, this list of kitchen essentials is great for new homes or any time you need a little refresh.

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I’m so excited to share with you the ultimate list of our favorite kitchen essentials! I get tons of questions about my go-to kitchen tools, appliances and gadgets and decided to make this master list to reference any time you’re looking for some new items.

What you’ll find

  • Bakeware: everything from muffin tins and cookie sheets to a great set of measuring spoons.
  • Pots & pans: a must for cooking, of course! I included my go-to dutch oven & cast iron skillet as well.
  • Small appliances: I swear by my blender, food processor and even waffle iron.
  • Storage & cleaners: you’ll find meal prep containers and reusable bags, plus my favorite all-natural cleaner that’s great for your whole house.

What’s not on the list

I didn’t include tableware items like glasses, silverware, dishes & linens but you can find even more items in our Shop Page!

I hope you love this master list of our favorite kitchen essentials! They’re perfect for stocking up a new kitchen, refreshing old items, and even make wonderful gifts for new homeowners, weddings and more. Enjoy, xo!

collage of kitchen essentials

  1. Nice wooden cutting board: good cutting boards make recipe prep a breeze. They’re easy to clean, often double-sided and even double as charcuterie boards!
  2. Branch Basics Cleaners: I seriously swear by Branch Basics non-toxic cleaners for everywhere in my house — especially the kitchen. The Starter Kit has everything you need for countertops, sinks and even hard-to-clean pans. Use the code ‘AK’ for 15% off your starter kit!
  3. Grater: use a box grater for your favorite hard cheeses and even for shredding veggies.
  4. Square griddle skillet: gotta have a good, non-stick square griddle for flipping pancakes and cooking your fav quesadilla recipes. They’re much easier for flipping so your pancakes won’t hit the sides of the pan like they would in a round pan.
  5. Set of good knives: a good set of knives is a game changer in the kitchen. I love this set of 12 because it comes with every knife you could need: a chef’s knife, paring knives, a bread knife, steak knives and more.
  6. Glass meal prep containers: whether you cook for one or a whole family these meal prep containers are the best for storing any leftovers or prepped food.
  7. Bakeware set: get your bake on with all of these amazing bakeware staples! This one comes with a muffin tin, a loaf pan, cookie sheets and more for anything you’d want to bake.
  8. Vegetable peeler: my go-to peeler for every kind of veggie imaginable. This one’s great even for tough butternut squash.
  9. Baking pan x casserole dish: this 9×13″ pan is one of my most-used pans for casseroles, side dishes, enchiladas & lasagnas.
  10. Our Place pan: my new fav pan that comes with a steamer and is perfect for sautéing, frying, boiling, etc. Use the code ‘AMBITIOUSKITCHEN10″ for $10 off!
  11. Cute oven mitts: the cat oven mitt above is unfortunately sold out but I’ve linked a new one! I love getting a fun pair to add a pop of personality to my kitchen.
  12. Vitamix blender: a good blender makes all the difference for creating the best textures. I swear by this Vitamix – it’s easy to use and blends up frozen fruits and everything else extremely well.
  13. Cake pans: the best 6″ cake pans ever! I make all of my cake recipes with these to create beautiful, 3-layer cakes.
  14. Milk frother: when you need a little extra deliciousness in your coffee (who doesn’t) just use this milk frother! It’s super easy and perfect for fun lattes or just adding some steamy milk.
  15. Dutch oven: I seriously make everything in this 7-qt dutch oven. It will last practically forever, is easy to clean and perfect for soups, curries and more!
  16. Storage jars: skip the piles of flour bags and store your flours, sugars & oats in these cute storage jars! They’re great for freeing up space and look really nice.
  17. Cast iron skillet: a one pot meal’s best friend! I love that I can use my cast iron for almost any recipe. It’s great for cooking on the stovetop and even transferring to the oven.
  18. Coffee maker: we recently got this Nespresso machine this year and I’m obsessed. It makes regular coffee and espresso so you can skip Starbucks and make your fav coffee drinks right at home!
  19. Glass mixing bowls: gotta have a good set of mixing bowls for all of your baking needs. I like using glass ones because you can quickly melt some ingredients if need be and they’re easier to clean.
  20. Stasher bags: I’ve been using these reusable Stasher bags for years and they are a game changer for food storage. They’re freezer-friendly and you can put them right in the dishwasher. Use the code ‘AMBITIOUS’ for 15% off!
  21. Wooden spoon set: baking must-haves! Love this set of wooden spoons + spatulas for everything you’d need. Use the wooden spoons as serving utensils, too!
  22. Stand mixer: one of my most-loved kitchen essentials. I’ve had my Kitchenaid stand mixer for years and it’s perfect for kneading, mixing and more. Such a great gift for new homeowners or baking enthusiasts!
  23. Kitchen tool set: this set of 6 comes with a whisk, spoons, a ladle and more that have nice wooden handles and are heat resistant.
  24. Zester: a zester is one of those things you don’t know you need until you have it! I use this for citrus and fresh turmeric & ginger.
  25. Set of pots: how lovely is this set of 4 pots & pans? They’re ceramic, nonstick and come in 6 great colors.
  26. Measuring cups & spoons set: all of the measuring utensils you need in one convenient set! These stainless steel ones are classic.
  27. Garlic press: no more trying to mince your garlic cloves by hand — get yourself a garlic press and make it a breeze.
  28. Food processor: you’ll use a food processor for everything from nut butters & homemade granola bars to sauces and dressings. This one is super easy to use and pulses everything to perfection.
  29. Waffle maker: I’m all for a fluffy stack of pancakes but there’s something about a perfectly crispy waffle that’s just amazing. I love this double belgian waffle iron for making two at a time for ease.

Looking for more?

Head to our shop page for even more kitchen essentials, pantry staples and more!

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