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#SummerSWEATseries Week 2 Workout Plan

Summer SWEAT Series: Fitness Plan Week 2

I’m so unbelievably excited to bring you the second week of the #SummerSWEATSeries! Can I just say that I’ve been blown away by your tremendous effort and motivation?! I LOVE seeing your photos in our Facebook group and on Instagram (use the hashtag #SummerSWEATSeries).

Last week I did a few of the workouts myself. My overall favorite was the 10 to 1 lower body + abs workoutI was able to get it done in 30 minutes and was a hot sweaty mess when finished. If you follow me on snapchat (ambitiouskitch), you probably already saw me working out in my living room screaming that my ass hurt.

I just recently signed up for Classpass in Chicago, so I’ve been checking out new studios and doing workouts I’ve never done before. This coupled with the #SummerSWEATSeries workouts have left me completely exhausted. Yesterday I even took a nap for 4 hours. And I’m usually anti-naps. On the bright side, I’m definitely seeing results, especially in my legs. It’s amazing how much a week of clean eating and intense workouts will do for your body.

But let’s get to this week’s workouts because again, they are AMAZING!

Week 2 Workouts for the #SummerSWEATSeries #fitness #health

Monday: Core and Cardio Crank

Tuesday: 10 to 1 Lower Body Workout

Wednesday: Long and Lean Full Body Superset Tabatas

Thursday: Upper Body + Core Stability Workout

Friday: Interval Cardio Workout

These workouts are all different from last week but target most of the same muscle groups. You can download them onto your phone or iPad for easy access at the gym, or print each workout out if that’s easier for you. I like to keep them all on my phone, but it’s up to you!

No worries, if you can’t make a workout happen. You can always mix and match; the important part is that you’re getting some form of exercise in. Listen to your body, but push yourself when you can. These workouts are meant to get you the results you are looking for.

Don’t forget to head over to Fit Foodie Finds for your Week 2 Meal Plan and Grocery List!

Week 2 Meal Plan for the #SummerSWEATSeries #fitness #health


As we mentioned last week, we have an AMAZING giveaway happening thanks to #SummerSWEATSeries sponsor Finish Line! Just fill out the form below and let me know what you’d like to win from Finish Line!



Remember, the more you use the #SummerSWEATSeries hashtag on Instagram to show us your workouts and eats, the more you’ll be entered into the $500 grand-prize cash giveaway at the end of the series! Hashtag away!


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