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Weekend Favorites: 3.18.16

Weekend favorites including good eats, movies & big upcoming things… grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat!

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It’s 2016, yet I keep writing 2015. Typical.

How are you guys, by the way?

cookies on a baking tray

My past week: The week was pretty busy doing recipe testing in preparation for travel next week (my favorite!) and finally getting around to decorating my home office. I originally set up my computer in our dining room because we never really have sit down dinners there and because I liked the bright, open space. However, I also like having a space where I can shut the door, concentrate and get away from other distractions of Milly stepping on my keyboard. Currently I’m scoping out rugs for the office. I really love this one and this one. Decisions, decisions.

In other news, I’ve been incredibly into the political race (as I am every election year). In my former pre-blogging life, I always wanted to be a lawyer or some political figure. Then I watched House of Cards (jk). Obviously we won’t be digging deep into politics on the blog, but I will remind you how important it is to vote. Especially in this upcoming election. You know what I’m saying.

What I’m doing this weekend: I’ve really been wanting to see a movie so we’re thinking about checking out Zootopia or Allegiant. I also just checked the Chicago weekend weather and it isn’t looking promising. Usually Tony and I try to get in 20,000+ steps on Saturdays, but we’ll see if that happens. Another goal for the weekend: Donate more of my clothes!

What food I’m loving lately: Trader Joe’s plantain chips are seriously addicting. I can’t stop eating them. Restaurant wise, we ate at RPM Italian last night. I had to make a reservation a few weeks ago, but finally we got in. Recommendations: truffle garlic bread, squid ink pasta & gnocchi.

What’s big in my life right now: Tony and I are considering buying a house/condo in the city next year. Currently we are LOVING the Wicker Park/Bucktown area. That means Chicago would be pretty permanent, even though I always thought of myself in California sunshine year round. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Chicago but the weather and the corruption is CRAZY.

Now, onto my favorite links from this past week:

Craving these blueberry coconut oatmeal cookies. I even make them without the white chocolate and they’re still fabulous.

10 healthier ways to eat chocolate. Amen.

Had these tacos for dinner on Wednesday & it was easy + amazing.

Lightened up pizza dip. I’m diving in.

Affordable and really cool furniture stores to shop at.

Summer’s coming and I’m crushing on this swimsuit.

Amazing greek yogurt face mask.

These glazed carrots! Chomp, chomp.

Where to find affordable art.

How to find your passion (even if you don’t think you have one.)

Millennials would rather exercise than drink.

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