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Chicago doughnuts

Weekend Favorites: 4.22.16

This week’s favorites include a craving for cherry pie, updates on my new Chicago Series and lots of delicious + fun links!

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All of a sudden I have this urge to bake a cherry pie this weekend. Why? Well I’m sitting here noshing on a Trader Joe’s broccoli & kale salad with plenty of dried cherries. I almost forgot how much I love cherries and their slightly tart flavor. Cue all cherry cravings.

Unfortunately pie baking won’t be happening as most of you know via my Instagram & Snapchat that I’ve been sampling Chicago doughnuts all week for the Chicago Series. HALPPPPP ME.

Chicago doughnuts

In all seriousness, I cannot wait to share the series with you soon. It’s gonna be so good, you’ll probably jump on so you can get to Chicago ASAP.

Anyway, what’s new with you?

This past week: I tested a few delicious recipes and today I’m planning on shooting a few videos for Facebook and YouTube. So here’s a request: Are there any AK recipes that you’d like to see videos for? Let me know below.

This weekend: Tony’s headed out of town which means I get to watch any show or movie I want. In reality, I’ll probably just work and listen to Prince songs. I’m from Minnesota, so it’s a little devastating to hear of his passing because he was such a huge influence there. #PurpleRain

That’s really it. Oh and I bought a shit load of things at Crate and Barrel yesterday for photography so maybe I can stop putting my skillet in every single photo.

Okay, here are my favorites from this week!

Actually obsessed with this blog. Can’t believe I’m just finding it now.

Would really love this enchilada casserole, because enchiladas are everything.

Almond butter banana bread. Let’s top it with more almond butter.

The best types of plants for your home + patio. Because many of you have been asking about my indoor garden situation.

How to style a headboard. Yes, yes, yes.

Really been into this artist lately.

I want one of these cookies RIGHT NOW. Thin cookies are so underrated. 

6 ways to dive into overnight oats. Breakfast solved.

So obsessed with this journal. It’s fun, refreshing and makes me feel uber creative.

If you are looking for healthy nutrition bars to try, here are my favorites.

GAME OF THRONES IS ON THIS SUNDAY! Who else is watching?!


Alright that’s it. Hope your weekend is extra delicious. xo!

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