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Purple Sweet Potato Bowls by Ambitious Kitchen

Weekend Favorites: I’m backkkkkk!

I’m back with weekend favorites! Check out my latest finds from around the web including some amazing fashion finds, must-read books, and delicious recipes.

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Hi guys! How are you on this glorious Friday? I’m so excited to be officially back with my weekend favorites. As you’ve probably realized, it’s been a completely insane past few months so I had to stop doing them for a while, but I’m happy that I’m trying to get back into a regular blogging routine. It’s always fun to save my favorite posts and share them with you on Fridays.

Actually my hope is to do a completely photobomb of my life lately on the blog soon. But for now this purple sweet potato will have to do. You can catch how I made it on my Instagram.

Purple Sweet Potato Bowls by Ambitious Kitchen

Last week I spent the majority of my time downtown running from meeting to meeting. It was actually lovely to get out of my house because I was beginning to feel like I hadn’t left in quite some time (other than to go to the gym and grocery store). Sad, but true. When life gets crazy, sometimes you just have to buckle down and forget about all of the laundry and dishes piling up. Although that also happens to be my biggest pet peeve (not having a clean house), so it was a lose lose situation.

This past week though was quite lovely. I blogged about recipes & stories that felt real and good to me. I had a wonderful skype date with my bestie. And made real dates with Tony. I got up early to get my workouts in. I realized my cat was getting chubby so I started walking her up and down our flat. (She needs to lose a pound!) I got a new camera and am SO excited to start using it. And finally I did a deep clean of our kitchen, bedroom and bathroom AND cleaned out our closet. Whew!

I feel like I’m just jabbering on, so instead of continuing, I’m going to drop in my favorite links from this past week (and probably weeks before that). Let’s do it up.

The Healthy Glow Co is doing 10 amazing RXBar giveaways to anyone who purchases the Healthy Glow Guide by 1/22. Get to it! Purchase and you’ll be entered to win.

Obsessed with this dress like no other.

Banana bread with espresso glaze. Oh em jeezy.

This sweater is the coziest thing I own. And now it’s on sale!

Watch this video and tell me you’re not intrigued.

Just got this bomber jacket to wear before I workout or while I’m running errands. It’s SO soft.

BRB busy staring at these gorgeous bathroom vanities.

Ummmm sweet potato soup with all the goodness. Sign me up!

I made these v+gf double fudge brownie over the weekend and DIED. They were the BEST I’ve ever had. Seriously guys.

Currently reading this book and loving it. Do you have any other recommendations for me?

I need this jumpsuit for my next vacation. Like immediately.

One of the best articles I’ve read in quite some time.

I’m doing a Facebook Live on Monday at 7pm CST on my FB Page. Mark your calendars and come ready to cook with me!

Okay, that’s what I’ve got for you this week. What else would you like to see me talk about on weekend favorites? More life update posts? More pics? Recommendations? Let me know! I’m all ears.

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