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avocado toast

Weekend Favorites: 4.8.16

Weekend favorites from 4.8.16! Check out the food blog I’ve been crushing on, some delicious eats from around the internet, and more

avocado toast with honey, sesame and sea salt

Hi friends! How are you? This week flew by didn’t it? I swear that the older I get, the quicker time flies. All the adult responsibilities keep you busier than you thought you’d ever be. Also tax season… whomp, whomp.

This past week: I came down with the worst cold that lasted for 3 days straight. I skipped my usual morning workouts and laid low in the house for a few days until I was feeling a little better. I also discovered another avocado toast addiction you need to try. Smashed avocado, a drizzle of honey, sea salt and sesame seeds. Heavenly!

This weekend: Admittedly I’m most excited about is sleeping in, enjoying a big brunch, and hopefully painting a vintage cabinet we have in our apartment. All I know is that I need some serious down time before I kick off another work week. I feel a Netflix binge calling my name!

Good food I ate this week: Again, I can’t stop busting into the bag of Trader Joe’s plantain chips. They are sensationally crunchy and a little too addicting. My mom used to make grilled plantains when I was younger, so I think it’s also a little nostalgic. Also, I’ve been craving apples like crazy lately. They’ve been my mid-morning snack usually dipped in some sort of nut butter.

On Wednesday night, we celebrated a birthday and went to BoeufHaus. Tony noshed on steak and we shared the french onion soup. We also got cauliflower gratin and short-rib beignets. The beignets were basically like bbq pork stuffed doughnuts and definitely a favorite of the night. If you like meat or a fun date night, this is your place!

Tonight we’re headed to Au Cheval for a little date night that we’ve been planning for a while. Nothing fancy, just supposed to be the best cheeseburgers in the city!

Whew, that probably sounds like a lot of indulgent food, but you know I believe in all things in moderation.

Upcoming plans: I’m starting a Chicago series on AK! Yes, it’s going to be on all things Chicago and will release beginning in May. First on my list? The BEST Doughnuts in the city, because when you travel to a new city you want to make sure you’re indulging a little and experiencing LIFE. That’s my motto.

Let’s get to my favorite links from the week:

Food blog I’m crushing on lately.

The most beautiful homemade pop-tarts I’ve ever seen.

Scrumptious chickpea salad!

Amazing statement wallpapers.

Crushing on this pull through braid tutorial.

Best beaches in New Zealand. Bucket list!

Thought this was so funny (and true).

What to eat for beautiful skin. You know I love skincare!

These carrot tahini muffins should happen immediately.

I don’t usually love tuna sandwiches, but this recipe is a glorious exception.


Have a lovely weekend. xo!

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