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Weekend Favorites: Ice Cream, Pizza and Coconut Oil, Oh My!

This weekend we’re celebrating all things ice, cream, pizza, coconut oil, and more! Check out some incredible recipes and articles from around the internet.

Cheers to the first weekend of summer! I’ve been celebrating over here by making new recipes for the blog (um did you see the new pizza on my Instagram??) and attempting to check things off my list in between travel days.

Team Healthy Glow Co

Earlier this week I was in Denver for a Team Healthy Glow Co meeting. We discussed all our dreams and goals for the next two years. It feels amazing to have a plan to move forward with, because most of the time we are flying by the seat of our pants.

monique, lee and katie about to workout

Wedding Food = SO GOOD.

Tony and I also went to two catering tastings this week aka the best part of the wedding. Obviously food is incredibly important to me, so having high quality, sustainably sourced seasonal food is something at the top of our list. I’m 99% sure I know who I’m going to go with. The only thing I’m a little uncertain about is what kind of food to serve? More traditional, or get creative with an amazing theme?! Oh the choices. If you’ve gotten married, what did you serve at your wedding? Tell me!

With the end-of-the-month chaos I’ve been feeling I’m excited to start fresh in a couple of weeks. I’ve been making a point to have more chill time, and I can’t wait to schedule some in for July for just me, myself and I. Okay and the best lady in the world (Abra). We’re going to be starting a new series completed devoted to Chicago food; who’s excited?

homemade oreos in a stack

FROZEN GREEK YOGURT! AKA the ice cream of my dreams

My go-to summertime treat? Besides rosé (hehe) I’ve been stocking my freezer with Yasso‘s ice cream treats. Have you tried these yet? THE ICE CREAM SANDWICH LITERALLY TASTES LIKE AN OREO. I’m not kidding. Tony and I are legit obsessed. Besides tasting frickin’ incredible, these babies are gluten-free, 100 calories, and pack 5g of protein — which makes them the perfect summer treat.

Anyway, they have six ice cream trucks traveling around the country, so if you find one, send me a pic! They’ll be here in Chicago on July 15th for the Chicago Glo Run and I’m determined to track them down somewhere.


You know we needed to have a conversation about coconut oil. Here’s how I feel about it. We’ll talk more about it soon but basically, I feel that many of us need to stop obsessing with what is healthy and what isn’t healthy.

How is that anyway to live your life? We were put on this planet to be creative, to live our purpose. Enjoying a cookie with coconut oil isn’t the worst thing in the world. Everything in moderation. Also, remember when everyone thought an incredibly low fat diet was good? Or that eggs were terrible for us? Ugh.

Now, let’s get to your favorite thing of the week — WEEKEND FAVORITES!

Been looking for a Wellness Retreat to go on this summer…have you been to any of these? If not, tell me about any cool yoga retreats. I’d love to attend one this year. #bucketlist

Okay this might be #abrassalad in pizza form…YUM

Everyone’s been asking about my new tank – here it is! Perfect for running errands, casual brunching, and drinking your green juice.

The weekend calls for cute flat sandals (with a little flair) like these or these.

Need a good workout in a pinch? Try out this power yoga + plank one and feel the full-body burn!

Super into these “paper-bag” style joggers like this pair or these printed ones (and they’re both on sale!).

This donut pan is on sale and perfect for making my NEW All-American Donuts!

MAC AND CHEESE. And it’s vegan. I love Kathryn.

Urban Outfitters is having a major home sale right now. I’ve got my eye on this couch — seriously gorg.


Okay, that’s all I’ve got for you. Have a great weekend. xoxo

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