Weekend Favorites: Monique in Boulder + an #abrassalad takeover

Welcome to the weekend takeover! Here’s a quick update + favorite things from AK HQ while Monique travels to Boulder, CO.

Hello hello and welcome to Weekend Favorites, #abrassalad edition! As you’ve probably noticed via social media, we’ve had quite the busy past few weeks over here at AK HQ. With fall and winter recipe testing in full-swing, a fun video project coming soon (did someone say DIY self-care tips?), an exciting surprise on Healthy Glow Co. releasing this weekend, AND a trip to Boulder, Monique has more than just pumpkin-flavored recipes on her plate. On top of that…Ambitious Wedding is only 8 weeks away!

Welcome to the weekend takeover! Here's a quick update + favorite things from AK HQ while Monique travels to Boulder, CO.

SO while Monique is in Boulder on the first ever HGC retreat, you guys get to hang with me (but be sure to follow their adventures on Instagram). It has been a little while since I introduced myself on the blog. If we’re meeting for the first time – hi! My name is Abra, and I’m the Brand Manager here at Ambitious Kitchen. When I’m not taste-testing the latest magic coming out of Monique’s kitchen (see: Healthy Chai Banana Bread), I’m connecting with the awesome brands we get the chance to work with, helping run our social media, and perfecting my toast-decorating skills.

Welcome to the weekend takeover! Here's a quick update + favorite things from AK HQ while Monique travels to Boulder, CO.

Another one of my favorite parts: our Ambitious Community on Facebook! Have you joined yet? We created a group where you can pop in and ask questions, connect with readers, and share your homemade AK creations. We also hold exclusive giveaways and polls asking YOU what you want to see. Love Monique’s Healthy Pumpkin Banana Muffins and want to see a loaf this fall? Leave us a comment and let us know!

I recently shared a video of my roommate cooking up THESE stuffed peppers with burrata and let me tell you…they were epic.

Alright, it’s Friday, so I’ll keep it short and sweet for you guys. Remember to check back in on Sunday for another delicious recipe round up + a special announcement coming from Healthy Glow Co.! Have a fabulous weekend, make yourself an #abrassalad, or just cook for someone you love. Xo

Finally, onto the weekend favorites:

This spicy hummus has ALL of my favorite things.

6 tips for getting everyone off their phones and into real life conversation – hello happier dinner tables + family time.

Giant. Grain Free. Pumpkin Pop-Tart. Enough said.

Make your morning or nighttime cup of tea in this adorable tea pot (it’s on sale!).

Because we’re SO ready for all things pumpkin + chai…check out these Chai Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls!

It’s jacket season, people! This faux leather jacket comes in 4 colors and has my name all over it.

Here’s how to host the ultimate fall brunch. Who’s coming over??

These sweet potato muffins have hints of sage and cayenne – WHOA. Must try.

Keep rosé season going with this delicious September Sangria (I spy delicious, fresh figs).

Do you guys use essential oils? Here are 7 great ones to use whenever you’re stressed!

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