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Weekend Favorites: Happy January + my personal goals this year

Weekend Favorites: Happy January + my personal goals this year

Celebrating the start of January and sharing my personal wellness goals for 2018. Plus all of my fav things from around the web this week!

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Hello and here’s an official warm welcome to 2018! I can’t wait to start weekend favorites up again and use this time to share more personal stories + things I’m loving. I hope you’ll do the same.

Most of all, I’m excited to simply bring back things that make me happy, which sometimes includes working less and spending more time finding what keeps me feeling creative. What I failed to realize last year is that feeling creative doesn’t always need to involve work. It can be playful.

Weekend Favorites: Happy January + my personal goals this year

This year I want to explore MORE things outside of what I already love to do, which include:

trying out different workout classes: I want to challenge myself physically and mentally with new classes, especially boxing! What are you looking forward to trying?

spending more time with friends: before the wedding I really made this a priority, but in the midst of planning I felt completely exhausted and depleted.

spending more time alone: look, I’ll say it — I freaking love spending time alone to do pretty much anything… run errands, bake, watch reruns of 90’s shows or go to a workout class. I love my me time and that’s OK! I used to be such an extrovert, but as I get older I realize, I’m a little bit of an introvert too.

bake more: i want to challenge myself to bake more intricate things or really just bake in general. There’s nothing I love more than the urge to bake and throwing something incredible together. It’s often when I feel the most creative, especially in the kitchen.

spend more time with my family: none of my family members live in Chicago, or anywhere near so I have to travel to see them. I have to stop making that an excuse!

meditation: i asked for all of your lovely recommendations on Instagram and many of you recommended the calm or headspace app to try out. I’m excited to get started!

these are little things that I think will make a big difference in my life and I’m excited to practice more self care and self love in 2018. So cheers to that and to spending time working on ourselves.

And finally, here are my favorite things from this week:

SHOWER plants are all the rage. Do you have one?

Here’s why you should keep your used dryer sheets.

Have you ever tried any of these at home tests for your microbiome? I want to do it.

Love this cozy sweater (and the light pink & yellow are my favs!)

In love with this beautiful wallpaper.

Inspiring wellness retreats that I want to go to ASAP.

Vegetarian swedish meatballs. YAS.

Want these pants SO BAD.

This greek chicken salad honestly looks perfect for lunch.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. xoxo!

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