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two platters of tacos and tortilla chips on a table

Weekend Favorites: Take time away with the one you love

It’s important to take time for the people you love. Do exactly that this weekend, and enjoy my favorite links from around the web!

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two platters of tacos with tortilla chips on a table

Happy, happy Friday! I’m so sorry to have missed last week’s Weekend Favorites! I try my very best to get them out every week, but last weekend I was in California for a short trip, then flew back home for 24 hours and took off again to head to Arizona.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen that we’ve been busy shooting new content for the Healthy Glow.Co. We arrived here Monday evening and ran around Phoenix and Scottsdale hitting up all the adorable juice shops and taco joints. It’s really the perfect place for a quick getaway because you get a mix of good food and plenty of healthy activities, like hiking. Check out my Scottsdale recap from last year right here.

This weekend I’m spending quality time with my fiance, Tony. We always have the most amazing adventures when we go on active trips instead of more leisure getaways. Through our relationship, we’ve realized that beach vacations just aren’t our thing and we’d rather take in experiences that tell a story. So my advice to you today: Take time away with the one you love. Step away from you phone. Step away from the computer. Write your partner a letter about how much you appreciate them and go on an epic adventure, even if it’s for just a few days. You’ll walk away with new experiences and memories that you made together. Keep your love an adventure every chance you get.

Anyway I don’t want to chat too much, so let’s get onto weekend favorites!

This chicken adobo looks like my next dinner.

Here’s how to naturally treat puffy eyes + dark circles.

The trick to reviving stale popcorn. (We have a popcorn machine in our house, so this is helpful!)

Wedding invite mistakes + how to avoid them.

This espresso almond cashew butter looks like crack.

Just got these adorable heels (they’re on my Insta!).

In love with this laundry room makeover.

Just got these amazing Under Armour SpeedFit Hiking boots (pictured above) and I LOVE THEM.

Absolutely making this tahini hummus egg salad sandwich for lunch soon.

Gonna drink this for happy hour errrrrrday this summer. It’s just too pretty.

WEDDING TRENDS FOR 2017. I’m getting so much inspiration it’s unreal. Also I can’t wait for my bestie Broma Bakery to make my cake.

As always, thanks for being here! Have a wonderful, happy weekend. xo!

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