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The Best Jeans for Fit Women (with different body types!)

We tried on and rounded up the best jeans for fit women with different body types! Check out our go-to fits, washes, and brands of jeans that work for two different body types, plus fun ways to style them.

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Introducing a little something fun and different on Ambitious Kitchen: the best jeans for fit women! OR HECK ANY LADIES OUT THERE WHO JUST LOVE JEANS.

We decided to call this ‘the best jeans for fit women’ because Abra and I both have athletic body types, but we also have two very different body types. Abra’s has a smaller waist and curvier bottom, and I’m more straighter with longer limbs and a non-curvy butt.

Since we’re both always on the hunt for and sharing our finds for amazing pairs of jeans with each other. We realized how unique our styles are just based on what works for our different body types. For example, I purchased a pair of Madewell jeans and they were a bit too stretchy for me in the bottoms, but fit Abra perfectly. We’re about the same size but jeans just fit differently for us!

We thought this would be a great post for all of the ladies who are in need of a new pair of favorite jeans to rock your bod or venture out and try something new and different.

Take a look at our picks below and then don’t forget to tell us your favs in the comments! xoxo!

two blonde women posing in jeans with text overlay

Watch our jean try-on video (and watch til the end):

Monique’s Picks:

I have a very long limbs, a short torso and a small booty. Abra calls me a ‘celery stick’ so that’s what my body type is if we’re comparing them to fruits or veggies, ha! Anyway, I’m very particular about the jeans I wear because they need to be both comfortable and stylish. The brands I tend to love are: Agolde, Grlfrnd Denim, Madewell and Mother Jeans. For reference, I’m 5’6″.

What Monique look for in jeans that are stylish:

1. Distressed, cropped & 90’s anything: this is essential for me right now. I’m a huge fan of the cropped jean look with frayed ends and basically anything that doesn’t look like it, I have a tough time wearing. I’m truly someone who follows jean trends. Although, I can say that I will never EVER wear long jean shorts ‘jorts’ no matter how ‘in’ they become.

2. High waist: nothing will work for me if it’s not high-waisted. In fact, the higher the better! I prefer a 10 inch rise which are most of my Agolde and Mother jeans.

3. Light jeans or black: I prefer light jeans because those are the jeans that are in right now and I love the classic look. I also LOVE black jeans because you can dress them up or down and they’ll go with just about anything.

two blonde women in jeans and t-shirts holding drinks

Abra’s Picks:

Finding the right jeans for my body type can be tricky, but I’ve found a few brands and pairs over the past couple of years that I LOVE. I have a smaller waist with a bigger butt and thighs, so if we’re comparing fruits you could say I’m a “pear shape.” With my shape a lot of jeans that fit my butt are too big in the waist and make that annoying gap in the back. For reference, I’m 5’7″.

What Abra looks for in jeans for curvier thighs:

1. Stretch: this is key for me because stretchier jeans give my booty some room and fit nice and snug around my waist at the same time. It’s like magic. I often look for a “curvy” fit in traditionally stiff jeans like Levi’s.

2. High waist: God bless the high waist jeans & pants trend (and please never come back low-rise jeans). Personally I think high-waisted pants are the most flattering for so many body types, and I like how they show my natural shape.

3. Medium to dark wash: unless I’m wearing white jeans I almost always go for a darker wash with my jeans. I find darker wash jeans more flattering for my shape and easier to pair tops with. But that’s just me!

blonde woman in jeans and a light pink turtleneck

bottom half of a woman in jeans

Monique’s Pair #1: 10″ Madewell High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Hayes Wash $128 or these ones are super cute in a lighter wash with fun buttons.

These were my first pair of Madewell jeans and I absolutely LOVE them. I can wear these jeans at least 5 times without washing them and they stay the perfect size. They’re stretchy, hug me in tall the right places and are my go-to skinny jean when I want to be comfortable yet cute. Usually I wear these with flats or mules.

Here is the top I’m wearing.

blonde woman in jeans and a blue striped button down shirt

bottom half of a woman in jeans and a blue striped shirt

Abra’s Pair #1: Madewell 9″ Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans: Rip & Repair Edition on sale for $79, or these in more sizes!

Funny story – I actually bought these jeans off of Monique because they were a bit too big & stretchy for her. They’re labeled a mid-rise but to me they are a comfortable high waist jean, and I love the different wash patterns for a little edge. They have a released hem for a fun fringe on the bottom, and are slightly distressed in the knees without the worry of busting through them.

Here is a similar top to the one I’m wearing!

two blonde women in jeans and long sleeved shirts looking over their shoulders

Second looks:

blonde woman in jeans and a pink striped t-shirt

bottom half of a woman in jeans and a pink striped t-shirt

Monique’s Pair #2: Mother Jeans High Waisted Looker Ankle Fray$238 or these Mother jeans that are a different wash and a little cheaper. This go-to pair from H&M is also amazing and super affordable!

Mother jeans are simply incredible. I was hesitant at first but after a trip to Nordstrom to try them on, it only took me a second to make a decision to purchase. These jeans are extremely stretchy in all the right places, make my butt look good, and of course, are pretty high rise. I like to wear these with heels or boots.

Find my adorable pink top here!

blonde woman in ripped jeans and a green t-shirt

bottom half of a woman in ripped jeans and a green t-shirt

Abra’s Pair #2: Paige Transcend Vintage High Rise Jeans $225 Paige Jeans were the first pair of nice, quality denim that I ever owned. The brand has tons of washes & styles that are great for thicker thighs, and I liked experimenting with their lighter wash here. I mostly wear these ones in the spring/summer with sandals and casual tops, but they can easily be dressed up or down. Similarly I’d also recommend these lighter wash Frame jeans on sale for $129, or these distressed Madewell jeans for $75.

I paired them with this fun adidas tee!

two blonde women in jeans and t-shirts looking over their shoulders

Third looks:

blonde woman in black jeans and a red short sleeved blouse

bottom half of a woman in black jeans and a red short sleeved blouse

Monique’s Pair #3: Mother The Hustler High Waist Ankle Fray Jeans $198 this pair from H&M comes in a bunch of different washes for a super affordable option!

These are probably my favorite pair of jeans. They’re so stretchy and comfy and WONDERFUL. I seriously can’t express how much I love them! These high-waisted black jeans are cropped and frayed which means they’re perfect for pulling off a trendy look during the day with a pair of platform sneakers or dressing them up at night with heels or booties. Plus, they’re the most comfortable jeans on the planet.

I wear these and they fit like a glove! Great with a crop top like the one I’m wearing.

blonde woman in jeans and a black long-sleeved shirt

bottom half of a woman in jeans and a black long-sleeved shirt

Abra’s Pair #3: Agolde Roxanne Super High Rise Skinny Jeans $138

I discovered these jeans last year and they quickly became one of my favorite pairs of all time because they have an 11.5″ rise. AKA they go above my belly button and I LOVE IT. Most high rise jeans are between 9-10″ rise, so as you can imagine these babies go above & beyond (literally). They have a slight stretch so that they don’t gap in the waist, but are a bit more snug throughout the leg than most of my jeans.

I love pairing them with a cute crop top (you can’t see my belly button!) or this $20 bodysuit that I’m wearing.

two women in jeans and blouses looking over their shoulders

Fourth looks:

blonde woman in ripped jeans and a t-shirt holding a kombucha drink

blonde woman in ripped jeans and a t-shirt holding a kombucha drink

Monique’s Pair #4: Agolde 90’s fit jeans aka the most comfortable jeans you will ever own. I ACTUALLY OWN 3 PAIRS, ha! I have them in white too (as I’m sure you’ve seen on Instagram) $188

If you’re not into this loose of a look, try the Grlfrnd Helena Jeans! They’re another favorite of mine, but a little tighter in the thighs, yet still loose, comfy and straight. I call them my badass bitch jeans. I actually wish I would have included them in this list because they’re another absolutely favorite every day jean of mine!

Anyway, am I glad that the 90’s are back in full swing or what?! These boyfriend-style baggy 90’s fit jeans are a mix of trendy and uber comfy thanks to their high-waist and loose fit. Highly recommend pairing these with booties for a boss look. Quick note: it is important that you go one size down in the 90’s fit as they run a little big.

Pair these with a crop top or a cute vintage inspired tee!

blonde woman in black jeans and a striped t-shirt holding a can

bottom half of a woman in black jeans and a striped t-shirt holding a can

Abra’s Pair #4: Madewell Curvy High Rise Skinny Jeans in Black Sea $128

Another great Madewell find. I actually thought they would be all black when I bought them but they turned out to be this dark charcoal color which I really like. They have some distressing in the knees and a release hem on the bottom. I bought the curvy fit of these ones and they’re super comfortable without stretching out too much after a few wears.

Pair with a cute tee like this twist-front one, or this one and give it a little tie in the front!

the back of two women in jeans and t-shirts holding drinks in the air

Fifth looks:

blonde woman in light washed jeans and a light pink t-shirt with buttons

bottom half of a woman in light washed jeans and a light pink t-shirt

Monique’s Pair #5: Agolde Jamie High Rise Classic Jean $168

These Agolde jeans are a nice cotton fit, which means they don’t have much stretch and can be a little stiffer but hey, that’s the trend and I LOVE these for how high-waisted they are — plus the Jamie comes in a wide variety of denim colors, from light to darker. I think I’m getting this light version for summer!

Highly recommend pairing with a crop top or a lace top tucked in + a leather jacket for a date night.

blonde woman in dark jeans and a black cropped t-shirt

bottom half of a woman in dark jeans and a black cropped t-shirt

Pair #5: Levi’s Mile High Super Skinny $98

After my Agolde jeans these Levi’s are probably my second favorite. They’re SO comfortable and stretchy without feeling too much like jeggings/pjs, and are my favorite wash. These have a 10″ rise and sit pretty high up on my torso, so crop top it is! Because Levi’s are a more vintage brand, a lot of their jeans can be pretty stiff (that’s their “look”). I read about these jeans when I did some Levi’s research and they’re a great pair for ladies with curvier bootys.

Pair them with literally everything, even this crop top!

two women in jeans and t-shirts looking over their shoulders

I hope you loved our jean review for women. Honestly Abra and I are both jean hoarders, so we’ll definitely be updating this list as time goes on. For now, we’d love to hear from you below what your favorite jean is and why you love them! Shop all our looks below – xoxo.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission should you decide to purchase from a link. Thank you!

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