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monique sipping wine

Weekend Favorites: Hello from Minnesota + I think I found my dress…

Hello from Minnesota! Exciting news…I think I found my wedding dress! Read the story here and check out some amazing links from around the web.

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Did you know that I’m originally from Minnesota? Born and raised! That’s right I haven’t always lived in the Windy City. I grew up trudging through the long Minneapolis winters and wearing shorts as soon as it’s 40 degrees. I grew up eating Dairy Queen dilly bars, swimming in one of the many 10,000 lakes and eating plenty of casseroles.

I’ve been back in Minnesota for the past week and it’s more than nostalgic, especially during the summer months when the weather isn’t 0 degrees F. Abra and I flew in Tuesday for a new video series (after I did an amazing wine tasting in Chicago). We began filming with Just Bare Chicken on Wednesday and it was SO much fun. As I’ve mentioned before getting more into video has been one of my biggest blog goals for 2017. For me, it’s very fun to be on camera and challenges me in new, exciting ways. This blog has given me some of the most incredible experiences, and I am forever grateful for this journey as it continues to grow and change me.

monique sipping wine

To get a little more personal (hey, that’s what weekend favorites are all about), yesterday was even more exciting because I was able to try on wedding dresses and have one of my best friends there with me. She lives in New York, so it’s always tough for us to schedule time together, but as soon as we’re together it’s like not a moment has passed. After all though, that’s what a true friendship is.

I actually said YES to the dress but now I’m kinda freaking out about my decision. Did that ever happen to anyone?! AHHHHH. Seriously the dress isn’t actually what I envisioned myself wearing at all.

Anyway, I’m excited for the week ahead because I’ll be back in the kitchen making recipes for summa time.

Now, let’s get to weekend favorites:

Caprese pesto pasta salad is JUST OMG!

I AM SO obsessed with these blue block heels. Perfect for summer!

Ahh, smells like Spring…did you know THIS is what you’re really smelling?

This cute grey + pink workout tank is perfect for summer.

I’m a big frosting fan, but these cake decorating ideas look awesome!

 NEED this jacket for the rainy Chicago weather.

Get your grill on indoors with one of these cute stovetop grills! (Hint: it’s on sale AND comes in 14 colors)

Use this naturally cooling jade roller for your under eyes bags & dark circles. It was recommend to me by a makeup artist and actually works!

This strawberry skillet pie is everything you need for Memorial Day weekend.

What your go-to breakfast says about your personality. Which one are you?


Hope you guys have the BEST weekend! Heading back to Chicago tonight and I can’t wait.

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