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Weekend Favorites: A little wedding update!

In this weekend favorites I’m sharing a little wedding update. Check out the colors we’ve decided on, the caterer, and…my dress!

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Hi guys!

Finally I’ve started to get excited for all things wedding. To be honest it took me a while because the whole planning a major event with a million different moving parts is a little daunting and scary. However, I feel much more prepared & excited for the big day. We’ve got 5 1/2 months to go and I know it’s going to fly by.

I know some of you may not be into wedding updates, that’s why I’m keeping them few and far between. However today is one of those days where we talk all about what’s happening! So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to read all about my wedding details (so far).

Our wedding date: 11/17/17

Our wedding location: We’re getting married in Chicago! I’m not going to

Our wedding colors: I actually made our wedding colors just the other day on a website called Magnet Street. It was fairly easy and fun to be able to choose what I like, and also the only place where I really felt like I could be creative with finding my colors.

color swatch

I chose a mauve/dusty rose combo, dark forest emerald green (I might do even darker), a dark, dark moody plum/maroon color and finally I’m still deciding on the last neutral. I want to keep the colors simple and have the florals do most of the pops of color.

Our florist: Speaking of florals, I’m SO excited because I found the florist of my dreams: Splendor of Eden.

She’s based in Chicago and is incredible. I love the colors she puts together and I love stalking her on Instagram even more (see above!).

Our videographer: I’m in the process of still selecting a videographer.

Our photographer: I’m also still in the process of selecting our photographer but I’m SO obsessed with Studio 29 and Vic Bonvicini. Both are amazing.

My wedding dress: I know this is the big moment. I won’t be sharing any of the wedding dress until after we get married, but I can tell you that it’s lace and a mix of romantic and vintage at the same time. I got my wedding dress at A&Be Bridal Shop in Minneapolis.

My bridesmaids: I’m having four bridesmaids total, which is perfect for me. I really wanted my bridesmaids to be my absolute best friends and closest so that’s where we are! I haven’t picked out their dresses yet, but this one is in the running. I really want the dresses to be neutral and the moody flowers and deep greens to bring out most of the color.

Our caterer: OKAY so food is SO important to me (obviously). Right now we are deciding between Fig Catering and Big Delicious Planet. They are both creative and unique. We’re also going to do late night snacks and a VERY fun dessert idea (because I’m not into cake!).

My wedding vibes: Basically forest green, vintage, moody, romantic.

Other details: Most people don’t know to look on Etsy, but they actually have some pretty incredible detailed things you can get, like signs, accessories, robes, etc. My tip is to look there if you are getting married. I LOVE ETSY!

You can see my Pinterest board below for everything I’m loving right now.

I hope you love this little update — and I hope you have a fantastic weekend. I’m going to a new bridal shop opening tonight here in the city and then tomorrow we’re going to pick out Tony’s suit! On Sunday I have a HUGE event with Under Armour at their Brand House here in Chicago. It’s going to be a wonderful weekend!

xoxo — and let me know if you have any questions about wedding stuff.

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