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30 Favorite Finds at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

30 favorite finds at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market! From fresh produce and delicious snacks to unique beauty products, supplements, and everything in-between.

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It has been what seems like forever since I shared my most recent grocery finds with you. I know you all love them, so I’m making an effort to share more of the things I love to get in hopes to inspire you to try something new!

A few weeks ago Abra and I headed down to our local Fresh Thyme Farmers Market to see what all of buzz was about.

For all you Chicagoans: there’s a Fresh Thyme right in Bucktown with a MASSIVE parking lot – so easy! We walked in and were instantly blow away by how many amazing options there were. In fact there was a lot of buy one, get one free sales so we went a little crazy.

If you haven’t heard about Fresh Thyme yet, it’s an organic-focused grocery store with roots in the Midwest.

Picture your favorite local farmers market set up like your go-to grocery store. It has tons of fresh produce at extremely reasonable prices (we got two cartons of blueberries for $3!) and really shows you that buying fresh & organic doesn’t have to be expensive. They also support local businesses and organizations through donations and fundraising events, which is so awesome.

I ventured to my local Fresh Thyme Farmers Market to check out all of the goods the store had to offer. From fresh produce and delicious snacks to unique beauty products and supplements - these 30 finds were some of my favorites!

Fresh Thyme has a ton of privately labeled products – everything from frozen meals and snacks to stock your pantry, to amazing self-care and beauty products.

Their bulk items are also out of this world with tons of snack mixes, different types of grains, granolas and chocolate-covered everything. OH and you can make your own nut butter with different kinds of nuts AKA nut butter gives me life.

We hit up all of the aisles to check out the goods and walked out with some new favorites. I’m already excited to get back there for a big grocery haul. Check out some of my favs below, and find your own local Fresh Thyme here!

Snacks & Treats

Orange bag with peanut butter filled pretzels

1. Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels. Okay whoever invented these might just be my favorite person. Grab a handful for the perfect snack!

Green bag of organic kettle corn popcorn

2. Organic Kettle Corn. I’m a huge popcorn lover so this kettle corn was a must-try!

Clear box of date & oat square bars

3. Date & Oat Squares. These bites look like the perfect snack or grab-and-go breakfast! Dates + oats = sold.

Bag of crispy green peas snacks

4. Crispy Green Peas. These salty, crispy little bites are delicious on their own or even tossed in salads!

Beige bag of gourmet popcorn

5. Hatch Chile Con Queso Popcorn. The title of this popcorn basically says it all. Chile con queso sign me UP!

Bag of sea salt plantain chips

6. Sea Salt Plantain Chips. Absolutely love all things plantain and these chips are the best.

Light purple bag of blueberry yogurt covered pretzels

7. Blueberry Yogurt Covered Pretzels. If you love chocolate-covered pretzels these are a must-try for your next sweet treat!

Orange bag of freeze dried mango fruit

8. Freeze Dried Mango. This is probably my favorite freeze dried fruit because it’s perfectly sweet and deliciously chewy.

Clear tub of roasted garlic hummus

9. Roasted Garlic Hummus. Just look at all of that delicious roasted garlic in the middle. SO good!

Woman using machine that grinds peanuts into peanut butter

10. DIY Nut Butter. I loved making my own! I opted for cashew butter and it was amazing.

Meals & Pantry Staples

Green box of frozen spinach and broccoli pizza

11. Organic Spinach & Broccoli Wood Fired Pizza. I’ve always got a frozen pizza or crust in my freezer for quick Friday night dinners. Love the toppings on this one!

Plastic jar of chicken, kale and sweet potato soup

12. Chicken, Kale & Sweet Potato Soup. These ingredients just sound so hearty and cozy. A must-try!

Plastic jar of minestrone soup

13. Minestrone Soup. Love a good minestrone and this one is packed with goodness. Perfect for winter.

Large white jar of chocolate protein powder

14. Whey Chocolate Protein Powder. Fresh Thyme even has its own line of protein powder – amazing!

Salad bar in a grocery store

15. Salad & hot bar. Can’t go wrong with some freshness from the bar, plus some yummy pre-made sandwiches and salads.

Light blue package of ground coffee

16. Kona Blend Ground Coffee. A new light roast to try, and who doesn’t need some extra coffee?

Yellow package of turmeric coffee creamer

17. Turmeric Coffee Creamer. Oh my gosh LOVE everything about this creamer. Jazz up your coffee with some superfoods!

Case of coconut flavored sparkling water cans

18. Fresh Thyme Coconut Flavored Sparkling Water. A new flavor to try for all of you sparkling water lovers.

Can of refried black beans

19. Organic Low-Fat Refried Beans. These are delicious for dips, tacos, and even for breakfast. Great source of fiber and protein!

Jar of red salsa

20. Habanero Salsa. Heck YES habaneros. If you like some heat in your salsa give this kind a try.

Large jar of tomato sauce

21. Organic Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce. Gotta keep some sauce on hand for pasta night (or lasagna night, if you’re me!)

Jar of roasted red and yellow peppers

22. Roasted Red & Yellow Peppers. Okay yum these pack so much flavor in a little jar. I would 100% add these to a pizza!

Squeeze bottle of horseradish mustard sauce

23. Horseradish Mustard. Basically two delish condiments together aka your new fav sandwich companion.

Beauty & Wellness

Green bars of soap stacked on top of one another

24. Fresh Mint Bar Soap. They have all different scents of these awesome bars of soap. The mint one smells SO good.

Squeeze bottle of facial cleanser

25. Avalon Organics Enzyme Scrub. A fresh face scrub with lavender and prebiotics? Sign me up!

Small boxes of face cream stacked on top of one another

26. Avalon Organics Ultimate Night Cream. This brand makes a soothing night cream, too, and the tester was so smooth.

Incense sticks lined up next to each other

27. Maroma Incense. These incense sticks came in tons of amazing scents and I literally need to try them all (also hi from the background!)

Small bottles of essential oils lined up next to each other

28. Fresh Thyme Essential Oils. Literally a full shelf full essential oils – even some I hadn’t heard of. So awesome!

Small dropper bottles of herbs lined up next to each other

29. Fresh Thyme Herbal Serums. Pretty much every herb you might want to try – the echinacea goldenseal and elderberry are great for your immune system!

Bottle of conditioner

30. Fresh Thyme Coconut Lemongrass Conditioner. You had me at coconut & lemongrass. This conditioner smells so amazing!

Do you shop at Fresh Thyme? If so, what are some of your favorite things to get there? Let me know below! xo.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. The opinions and text are all mine. Thanks for supporting the brands and companies that help make AK possible!

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