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7 Spotify Playlists for Every Mood

7 Spotify Playlists for Every Mood

Introducing 7 Spotify playlist for every mood you find yourself in. Check out these playlists and get ready to jam out!

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Music has always been something I’ve needed in my life. How about you?

When I was little I used a tape recorder to record myself singing Mariah Carey songs on repeat. Truthfully, I was never very good at the whole singing thing, but the reality was that music made me FEEL something, especially during those times when I didn’t know how to express my emotions or tune into my needs.

Music has always been there for me and to this day, I spend a majority of my day jamming out to playlists on Spotify. It seems as though I can’t focus without some kind of music lingering in the background when I’m writing, editing, cooking or baking.

7 Spotify Playlists for Every Mood

Over the past few years, I’ve created a variety of playlists on Spotify and am sharing them here with you. There’s a playlist for every mood you find yourself in, whether you’re happy, sad, need to jam out, get some energy or just chill out — I’ve got you!

You can find all of my playlists over on Spotify here. Feel free to give me a follow and listen to any of my playlists — I make a new one each month based on my mood and the season. My latest playlist is called Emerald City and I’m seriously diggin’ it right now.

Now let’s get to the music!

7 Spotify Playlists for Every Mood

For when you need some soul soothing self care: “Soul Soothing”

A great playlist to put on when you’re feeling like you need some self care. Light some candles, take a warm bath and soak up the lovely beats. Also quite lovely for long drives.

For when you need a mood booster: “Banana Almond Butter Toast”

A playlist for anybody and everybody. A mix of chill jams, mood boosting hits, and epic beats. Love this one.

For when you need to chill out: “Chill the F Out”

This playlist is perfect for putting on when your in the mood to decompress. Play these beautiful songs when you need to relax, think, read or write.

For when you’re cooking dinner or entertaining: “Wildberry Lavender Ice Cream”

A four hour long playlist perfect for just about anything: cooking dinner, entertaining guests, working or just surfing the internets.

For when you have a long drive or long work day ahead of you: “Craving Sweet Potato Fries”

Sometime you just need a really good playlist to get you through a long drive. This one happens to be 5 hours long, with a mix of songs you’ll want to belt out and replay over and over again.

For when you want to lift weights at the gym: “Work It Out

Grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to squat it out with this fun, upbeat playlist. You’ve got this!

For when you’re at a coffee shop: “Get Into My Heart”

Listen to this when you’re riding the train, heading to the coffee shop, or just sipping on your morning or afternoon latte.

I hope you enjoyed my Spotify playlists! Let me know which ones you end up loving the most — and enjoy the jams! xo.

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