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Wild berry smoothie bowl

Weekend Favorites: Your wedding recommendations!

This weekend I’m looking for a few wedding recommendations from you! Drop me a note and check out my favorite links from the week.

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Another weekend is here. It’s as if I ask myself every day how life seems to be passing by so quickly. The later I get into my twenties, the more of a Grandma I’m turning into. This weekend I’ll be staying in to finish my taxes. It’s going to be a real rager (heavy sarcasm).

Not that I really mind one bit. I’ll take a jar of old people butterscotch candies (okay they actually are really good) and a marathon in front of the TV with a batch of cookies any day over going out and partying. That phase of my life is long gone.

I’m officially a Grandma in a 28 year old body.

Wild berry smoothie bowl

But seriously, life seems to be insanely busy. Not only because I have a wedding to plan, the Healthy Glow Co, Ambitious Kitchen and a new (!!!) product coming out. But also because I have set some pretty big goals for myself: more travel, a shop, a show, and an entire life full of adventure ahead of me. Admittedly there are some days were I wish that everything would slow down just a little bit so I could veg out and watch The Americans or Planet Earth with a big bowl of avocado oil popcorn followed by a healthy smoothie bowl.

Besides taxes, I want to check out Beauty and the Beast. Not gonna lie, that was my favorite Disney movie growing up. Anyone else excited to see it?

Next week, my friend Sarah is coming to do my engagement photos with Tony. Fingers crossed for good weather.

monique with a cocktail

Now before we get into weekend favorites, I do want to ask you if you have any wedding recommendations for the following:

1.) Wedding photographers

2.) Wedding videographers (prefer Chicago/Illinois based)

3.) Your favorite wedding songs for first dance or to walk down the aisle to

I’m on the hunt. (Also thanks if you already gave a recommendation — I so appreciate it!)


This basil pesto grilled cheese. Cool, I just drooled.

I LOVE HUMMINGBIRD CAKE. Gonna make it for Easter.

Oven fried honey sriracha chicken magical drumsticks. Dinner tonight.

This roasted chickpea KALE salad looks bomb.

Loving these natural remedies for pain.

According to doctors, this is how much avocado you should be eating a day. How much do you eat?

OBSESSED with this jumpsuit. Perfect for festival season.

This wedding idea is insanely cool.

Lentil baked ziti. OMG OMG.

Just got this tripod and absolutely love it for both photos and video.

Hope you guys have the BEST weekend & happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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