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Weekend Favorites: Workouts I did this week + life updates

For this edition of weekend favorites I’m sharing all of the awesome workouts I did this week plus a few exciting life updates! Read more + the best links.

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Hi, it’s meeee. Today, I thought we’d have a general life update. A real conversation between the two of us.

How are you doing? How was your 4th of July? We went Tony’s aunt’s house where she even made my farmer’s market salad. GUYS it was unreal and so refreshing to have a veggie packed salad during the hot summer day.

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Hmmm what else?

My mama is in town and it’s been SO much fun to hang out with her. We’ve been cooking up a storm and today she’s teaching me how to make authentic Puerto Rican rice and beans; they’re one of my absolute favorite comfort foods and something I grew up. If you’ve never had them, you will LOVE them. I know it sounds a little, but I promise they are quite the opposite. So much savory flavor.

Right now I’m working on recipes for September and October for Ambitious Kitchen and TWO super exciting projects for Healthy Glow Co. I know, it seems crazy but I want to make sure that I have enough time to plan the wedding. It’s going to creep up on us and before we know it our once in a lifetime day will be here. I seriously can’t wait: The wedding playlist. MY DRESS. My flowers. THE FOOD! EVERYTHING.

That being said, the cooler months are also my favorite time to cook meals and bring you AMAZING meals and all the cookies, so don’t worry I won’t neglect you too much over the wedding months. Abra and I are working on testing ALL the recipes.

Yoga pose -- dancer

Workouts I did this week

I thought I’d share my workout routine with you this week in hopes to hear what your week is like and what kind of exercise you’ve been enjoying lately. To be honest, I was kind of hesitant to post this because I don’t want anyone to feel like it’s a competition as to who gets more exercises (I’ve been there before). However, I always find it inspiring to see and read about what others are doing and what workouts they really love to do. It’s a great way to encourage others to switch it up, to rest, or to get out there and get your booty kicked. Remember, everybody is different. We are built differently, enjoy various unique workouts, and are our own unique people.

Saturday — Total body class at Crosstown Fitness +7 mile walking with my mama

Sunday — No working out — went for a nice 4 mile long walk with my mama

Monday — Corepower Vinyasa C2 class

Tuesday — no working out! Holidays are meant to relax.

Wednesday — Corepower Vinyasa C2 class

Thursday — Total body class at Crosstown Fitness + 4 mile walk with my mama

Friday — Biking on the lake path (plan to later today).

I would say this is a pretty typical week for me in terms of working out, except I usually don’t incorporate yoga into my weekly routine. It was apart of my daily routine for so long, but after an injury I stayed away from it due to the pain in my neck/back, and because the classes really weren’t tailored to my particular injury.

Lately though, I’ve been craving yoga. The holding of the poses, the inspiration, the sense of calm when my mind is chaotic. If you’ve done yoga before then you know the peace it can bring to your life. Anyway, basically what I’m saying is that I loved having it in my routine this week.

Obviously we also did a ton of walking over the past week, which again, is one of my favorite ways to get in exercise and enjoy good conversation.

Anyway, tell me — which workouts are you loving lately and why?

Yoga pose -- dancer

Weekend Favorites

Here are the best healthy snacks of 2017. Have you tried any?

Which of these recipes will you make first? They’re the most popular on Pinterest.

12 of the best movies to watch this summer – which ones would you add? I’m obsessed with wonder woman.

This new twist on a BLT looks DELISH, easy and is vegetarian!

Head to your next summer party in this adorable dress or this flow-y romper!

Very important: 3 cheese and rosé pairings to try here!

Zip up these wedges and hit the town, a summer wedding, or date night!

THESE ice cream cookie sandwiches are grain free, paleo, and perfect for summer.



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Have a happy, healthy weekend! xoxo!

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