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Weekend updates + a book giveaway!

A fun weekend update with book giveaway of the new weight loss memoir, It Was Me All Along. An amazing, brave book about the reality of weight loss.

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Hi there! Happy weekend. How has your week been so far? Any big plans this weekend?

Last night I met up with one of my girlfriends that I hadn’t seen in quite some time. We ended up at a fabulous little sushi restaurant called Ukai. I’m always thrilled when I can get someone to eat sushi with me; it seems like all anybody wants to eat in Chicago is pizza. And I’m not a pizza fanatic. I mean, I enjoy it; I just don’t LOVE it like some folks. Anyway the sushi was fantastic and it was lovely being able to catch up on life.

This weekend Tony’s coming over and we’re planning to do some work around my apartment. I purchased some shelves for my kitchen and some hardware for my bathroom. We’ll also be doing some more furniture shopping. I just got this vintage french dresser from MegMade and am completely smitten. It’s being delivered this weekend; Lord knows I needed somewhere to put all my extra clothes! (They’re currently still in suitcases from when I moved.)

Ps. Totally check out MegMade! They ship to anywhere in the USA and their pieces are INCREDIBLE! I met Meg in person and she is kind, creative and has an eye for fabulous furniture. Thankfully she’s going to help me redo my entire bedroom so that it’s very French farmhouse chic.

It Was Me All Along book

Next up, I want to talk to you guys about a very special memoir that I just finished reading. The book is called It Was Me All Along and is written by the incredibly talented Andie Mitchell, blogger at Can You Stay for Dinner. The book is an heart-opening memior about a young adult who struggled with her weight her entire life. But at 20 years of age, when she steps on the scale to see 268 pounds, she becomes suddenly aware of how much she needed to change her relationship with food and herself. Through finding acceptance, traveling the world, struggling with willpower and changing her approach to eating, Andie is able to lose half of her body weight. This book speaks to Andie’s emotional and personal struggles as well; losing her Dad at a young age, falling in love for the first time and figuring out a career after college.

Truly, this memoir is phenomenal. You feel what Andie feels at every moment. And if you’ve ever had an unhealthy relationship with food, you will definitely find yourself relating to the words she writes. Ultimately you’ll find yourself falling in love with Andie’s wit, braveness and willingness to tell a story that far too many women do not.

I read this book in two days. That’s how addicting it was. I cried. I laughed. And after I read the last word of the very last page, I knew I had to share this gem with all of you!

Thankfully I had the opportunity to meet Andie during our stay at Hilton Head Health. Of course, we got along like two peas in a pod. And I’m so happy that I can call her a friend.

{Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.}

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