Everyone loves Trader Joe’s, right? Well I’m a SUPER fan, and I thought it’s be fun to tell you all about my favorite healthy products I purchase frequently from good old TJ’s.


1. Fruit. I love that I’m able to find seasonal fruit at Trader Joe’s. They even have organic apples year round.

IMG_20062. Fresh veggies. Okay so there’s a picture of an avocado and tomato but you get what I mean. There’s a wide array of seasonal veggies available at Trader Joe’s. I love their organic carrots!

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3. Blueberry Muesli. Their breakfast section never disappoints. Beware of their granola; you’ll find lots of extra sugar so just make sure you’re reading the nutrition labels and are comfortable with what you are purchasing. I’ve been really into this Blueberry Muesli lately. So good with vanilla almond milk!


4. Oatmeal! These gluten free oats are my favorite to enjoy in the morning or to bake with. I love how inexpensive they are too!

29 Healthy Things to Buy at Trader Joe's

5. Almond Butter! It can be difficult to find inexpensive almond butters, right? That’s when TJ’s steps in. They’ve got some pretty great varieties including creamy, chunky, salted and unsalted. I love them all because I’m a nut butter addict.


6. Greek Yogurts! My favorite is the pomegranate because sometimes plain greek yogurt gets a little boring. This stuff is good as is for a snack or for breakfast spread on toast. Sometimes I’ll swirl in almond butter too!


7. Turkey bacon. I’m not a huge meat eater, but when Tony eats meat in the morning, I always end up wanting some. A good solution is turkey bacon. I love that it’s minimally processed and nitrate-free. Serve it with eggs, toast and fruit for a filling breakfast.


8. Peanut butter with chia and flax! Only $2.99 for this jar? That’s good because I tend to go through peanut butter pretty quickly. I love the crunchiness of this nut butter and how I get extra nutrition in.


9. Sprouted bread. If you love toast like I do, then you need to try this bread. It’s really only best when toasted. I recommend trying it with almond butter and banana slices.


10. Pure maple syrup. If I’m not buying maple syrup off Amazon, then I’m buying it from Trader Joe’s because it’s the least expensive I can find. I use this maple syrup in most of my baking recipes. It’s also great on pancakes and waffles!


11. Raw organic honey. Remember it’s best to buy raw honey because it has all the good for you minerals. Read more about honey in my unrefined sweeteners guide.


12. Organic unrefined coconut oil. It has great coconut flavor and is wonderful for baking, cooking and even using on your skin or hair. I even shave my legs with coconut oil! The benefits are beyond amazing.


13. Organic coconut flour. This is the coconut flour I use. It’s super inexpensive and a little goes a long way in baked goods. Try out my coconut flour banana bread or my coconut flour chocolate chip cookies.


14. Trail mixes. I try not to buy too much trail mix from Trader Joe’s because I tend to go a little overboard on shoveling them into my mouth. What works best for me is dividing it up into baggies for perfectly portioned snacking.


15. Candied Ginger. My mom actually got me into these little snappy bites. They’re slightly sweet yet intense from the ginger. They also help with tummy troubles. So if your stomach is ever upset, chew on a few of these and it should feel better pretty quickly.

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16. Dried Sweet Pineapple (unsulfered). Mmmm this stuff is addicting! I love munching on these when I’m on a long car ride or taking them with me when I travel. Sometimes they curb my sweet tooth too.


17. Kind bars. They always have a full array of Kind bars that I love. The Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew is delish, but my goodness don’t ever try to make me choose my favorite.


18. Spicy Guacamole! I’m head over heels in love with guacamole. I personally think Tony makes the best spicy guacamole, but Trader Joe’s is pretty decent too. Use carrots or celery for dipping… or my favorite chips on the planet: Garden of Eatin’!

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19. White Bean Basil Hummus. Probably my favorite thing at Trader Joe’s. I will never stop loving it. EVER.


20. Creamy Goat Cheese. INCREDIBLE spread on toasted french bread. Cheese lovers rejoice!


21. ALL THE BEANS. Make black bean burgers or a fresh salad. Delicious and cheap!


22. Vegetarian Tamales! These are so great and easy for entertaining. Whip up some Spanish rice, guacamole and beans to serve with these. Such a fabulous, easy meal to enjoy!


23. Chocolate Covered Bananas. The only thing that’s missing is peanut butter.


24. Olive Oil Popcorn. This one is great if you are looking for a light snack.


25. Dark Chocolate Bar (85%): Try this in cookies or straight from the freezer. It’s fairly low in sugar and rich like coffee. I need it right now.


26. Tomato-less Corn Salsa. I love serving this over salmon or grilled chicken. Try it!


27. Crunchy Pea and Bean snacks! Salty and more protein then your regular potato chip.


28. Brown Rice & Quinoa Pasta. Gluten free friends, rejoice! This pasta is delish!


29. Hemp Hearts! Try it on top of oatmeal or in baked goods.


I hope you love my Trader Joe’s round up. I’d love to hear what your favorite products are from TJ’s. Leave a comment below!