I was exhausted by noon today but felt better immediately after I discovered a stock of thin mints in the freezer. I powered through the rest of the afternoon by munching on those bites of heaven and blasting music in my ears. I may feel silly singing to Katy Perry, but sometimes a good jam session with cookies is all you need.

Typically every year I tell myself that I won’t buy girl scout cookies simply because I know the damage they can do …but then again, how could I not buy them? That would be rude, especially as an ex-girl scout! I’ll also admit that they are just delicious and that sometimes in life you have to do things you don’t want to do. I feel obligated to buy and eat those damn cookies!

I’ve been doing a lot of things that I haven’t been necessarily wanting to do lately. While it’s true that I never follow the crowd, sometimes it’s easy to think that some choices I’ve made may have been mistakes. But do I have regrets? No way! Trying new things can be adventurous, and living through experiences always makes you better. I’m still trying to live through my experience of eating way too many cookies though. I’ll know better next time …I hope.

Even I’m a huge cookie lover, I sort of have this obsession with graham crackers. I love spreading them with peanut butter for a late night snack. This past weekend I was grocery shopping for a couple hours (yes, that’s normal) when I discovered Biscoff cookie spread. Totally amazing! I love it!  Usually the only time I have Biscoff cookies is when I’m flying on a Delta airline. However, once I found them in a convenience store and made a pie crust with Biscoff cookies. I loved that pie crust from the bottom of my heart.

If girl scouts sold these chocolate Biscoff graham candy bars, I’d buy them and then inhale them. Again.

Seriously, these are easy to make! Only four ingredients!

Graham crackers and Biscoff spread …covered with chocolate.

Comfort coming your way!

Now, let’s get to the other good stuff! I’m doing my first giveaway!

You can win a $25 iTunes gift card by leaving a comment below answering these questions:

  1. What is your favorite girl scout cookie ever?
  2. What’s your favorite song right now?
  3. What is your favorite graham cracker flavor? (honey, cinnamon, chocolate, etc.)

I’ll wrap up the contest in a week! The winner will be randomly chosen by a random number generator. Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, where I’ll first announce the winner!

In the meantime, make these. Adding Easter bunny sprinkles is totally cute!


Chocolate Biscoff Graham Candy Bars

Inspired from Taste of Home

8 graham crackers, broken into quarters

1/2 cup Biscoff spread

2 cups (12 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips

6 teaspoons coconut oil shortening



  1. Spread half of the graham cracker quarters with Biscoff spread, and top with remaining crackers.
  2. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt chocolate chips and shortening; in 30 second intervals, stirring until smooth. Dip the crackers into chocolate; place on a waxed paper-lined pan. Refrigerate until set. 

Makes 16 cookies.