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Let’s Catch Up: Food, Fitness, & Life

Catching up on life lately as of August 2013: my typical meals and workouts, Greek yogurt, grocery shopping, a haircut, and more.

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Hey there! It’s been a while since we’ve just chatted. You know, about life, fitness, and non-recipes.

Sometimes we have to do that. To just catch up. I hope this doesn’t bore you.

First let me start out by saying that I LOVE salad bars. All of the healthy quinoa salads, kale galore, and every veggie you could imagine is a dream.

Usually I tend to go vegetarian at the salad bars but if I’m extra hungry I’ll get a little chicken. Then there’s always spinach, kale, and romaine for a bit of crunch. I top my salad with chickpeas, grape tomatoes, olives, red peppers, peas and mushrooms. Oh and red onion! I adore red onions. Lastly I drizzle a bit of red wine vinegar and sometimes a dash of sesame oil. TOTAL NOMS.

Few things are better than salad bars.


Except for chocolate.

My favorite is the Intense Dark Cabernet Matinee. It has a hint of wine and blackberry flavor.

SO SO GOOD. What’s your fav?


I’m very fond of Greek Yogurt. Actually no, I would say obsessed.

Here’s a fun twist on it I found. YUMMY.


 I get to do cool things for work. Like hang out with this guy!


My family is incredibly special to me.


Do you know what this is?

A s’mores CRONUT.

I know. Can’t even talk about it.


This is my favorite healthy treat.

So, what is it?

1 container of nonfat greek yogurt + 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder + a few drops of liquid stevia.

Top with bananas, cereal, nuts, or mini chocolate chips. You’ll thank me later!


I will have to report back on this.

Have you tried any fun nut butters lately?


I wish fruit was in season year round.

That way I wouldn’t feel the need to buy insane amounts of it during the Summer.


Remember these?



This garden is GMO free.

Ha. But seriously.


Avocado + Black Beans = ???

You will find out soon.


Now onto the fitness!

Here’s a typical breakfast when I’m watching what I eat.

I usually eliminate wheat and focus on consuming healthy natural carbs for energy.

Apples + Cottage Cheese + Peanut Butter = Clean eating.

Carrots because I felt like a veggie would do me good.


Yoga sculpt is one of my favorite workouts.

It’s cardio-based yoga in a heated room with weights. Typically I burn at least 500 calories per session.


Also, I baked you bread.

Okay, back to the fitness.


Awesome sweat session.


Here’s what happens when I pack my food for the day:

Breakfast: Chicken sausage + egg whites

Snack: Protein Oat bran Banana muffin

Lunch: Grilled Chicken + Quinoa Spinach Salad

Snack: Cottage Cheese + Apple slices + Almonds

Dinner: Who knows — I didn’t pack it.


These quotes have been motivating me to get to my classes.

Another motivator? Following fitness junkies on Instagram or pinning motivating quotes throughout the day.


Sometimes I don’t make it to the gym because there’s horrible traffic.



But then I remember this.


And I continue to try to do my best every single day.

I know that I’ll make mistakes, have bad eating days, miss workouts, etc.

But every day is a new day. At least I can try!


And the next time I’m at the gym, I feel even more powerful, strong, and motivated.

So my fitness journey continues…


But I have to remember that 80% of it is what I eat.

So these days I’m all about clean eating. It’s amazing the changes you see.


God Bless whoever left these at work though. Animal crackers are a dream.

A little treat to keep me sane!


Hmmm what else?

I chopped off my hair. It may look long to you, but it’s short for me.


I’m digging it.

The guy I’m dating digs it, too.


Serious question: how many oils are there? TOO MANY.

What’s your favorite kind of oil to use? I want to start experimenting with different kinds.


I made a pepper stir-fry in coconut oil.

Then I added garlic cloves, a pinch of cumin, sea salt, and chopped basil.

Stir that into quinoa and you’ve got yourself a fabulous meal.


I’ve also been cooking a lot more chicken lately.

It’s so much fun to marinate it in different spices and herbs.

What’s your favorite chicken recipe?


This is my editor’s desk.

She’s inspires me to put up more photos around mine.

I haven’t decided if I’ll just put up Bon Appetit cover photos or if that’s taking it too far.


After Remy tasted these muffins, he fell over and said, “These are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!”

Completely adorable.


Told you I was obsessed with Greek Yogurt.


No seriously!


Peanut butter + Chocolate Chip = Love.


We have too much fun.

They picked out the Chef theme on the picture, I swear.


Trader Joe’s shopping trip.

MAJOR SAVINGS when you are a food blogger.


Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Pancakes!


For two!

I top mine with peanut butter and sugar free maple syrup.

They keep me full FOREVER!


Sometimes there’s no place like home.


And always remember this!

More recipes coming soon!

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