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Let’s Catch Up! Food + Fun in Glendale, AZ

Chatting all thing life, food, and fun from Glendale, Arizona! Check out what I’ve been up to in the warm weather plus all of the delicious eats.

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HI! Finally I’m getting to update you guys on a little of my life lately. It feels like we haven’t had a coffee date in foreverrrr. So grab that steaming hot coffee or tea and let’s chat!

airplane wing

Anyway HI! How’s your spring been? The weather in Chicago had been mediocre; it still feels chilly and no one was kidding when they named it the Windy City. I live fairly close to Lake Michigan so the wind effects are easily noticed and it feels more chilly than it often is. I have to admit that I haven’t been in Chicago much though. Tony’s back to playing baseball so I’ve been visiting him frequently in warmer places… like Arizona!

If you aren’t aware already, Tony plays professional baseball in the White Sox Organization (minor leagues). Each March he heads to Glendale, Arizona for Spring Training. Lucky for me, I’m able to work from wherever so I travel as often as possible (who wouldn’t?).

monique and tony

This Spring Training we decided to rent a house off of AirBnb. I heard wonderful things about it and thought that a house would be a great opportunity to relax, cook together and feel a little more comfortable versus in a hotel.

To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised with the house! It was beautifully decorated, impeccably clean and even had a pool. It was also less expensive then staying at a hotel so of course we were happy! Honestly, I would highly recommend trying out AirBnB on your next vacation; it’s a great way to experience a new city. If you sign up for AirBnB here, you’ll receive a $25 credit towards your next stay. Doooo it. (affiliate link!)

eggs in a pan

Every morning I made myself breakfast at the house since Tony had practice early. I picked up some organic eggs from the store and have been obsessed over the delicious orange yolks. I usually ate them with a handful of granola and almond milk.

Been SO in love with granola especially when it contains pecans and toasted almonds. What’s your favorite kind or a brand you love? 

cookies on a plate

When in AZ, I actually had a lot of time on my hands so I baked plenty of cookies including white chocolate blueberry coconut oatmeal and the classic coconut oil oatmeal chocolate chunk (pictured above).

Both are so damn good that I can’t keep them anywhere in the house.

cookies on a plate

Also if you follow me on social media, you’ll remember that Southwest lost my bags for over a week. LIKE WTF.

I spent the majority of my time in the workout outfit I picked up from Target. I’m just happy I wasn’t on a beach vacation or a cruise! Can you imagine wearing cruise clothes for a week. Hawaiian shirt NIGHTMARE.

monique and tony

I’m basically obsessed with staying active when I travel because I like to eat, eat, eat! Last year Tony and I climbed Camelback mountain and decided to do it again.

hiking in Arizona

Honestly it’s been one of my favorite hikes that I’ve ever done because of how challenging it can be; we went through six water bottles, two granola bars and a few cookies. The hike took about an hour and a half total and we spotted a few lizards along the way (no snakes, thank goodness).

monique and tony hiking

I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat so if you ever find yourself in AZ and like exploring, definitely check it out.

overlooking Glendale, Arizona

Here’s a view from the top. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

passionfruit la croix can

By the way, have you tried this passionfruit LaCroix water? I’m OBSESSED and couldn’t stop drinking them the rest of the day.

collage of meals from a restaurant

After our hike, we were in need of some GOOD food so we headed to a restaurant in downtown Glendale called Cuff. The food was refreshing and we both really enjoyed the small atmosphere.

I ordered the Chicken Tortilla Salad and Tony ordered the Shrimp Po’Boy Sandwich. Both of us saved a little room for coconut cream pie, which wasn’t that spectacular but I also kind of consider myself to be a pie snob so who knows.


The next day we went to the Wildlife Zoo. Tony took me here on our first date two years ago and I desperately wanted to return.

monique feeding a giraffe

This time I was able to feed giraffes, goats and llamas. Dreams do come true.

bowl of froyo with fruit loops

Especially when you get to enjoy a little frozen yogurt after!

I have to admit that I’m all about the vanilla frozen yogurt. It’s rare that I’ll go for something different because for me it’s all about the toppings. This one is vanilla fro yo with carob chips + fruit loops (my favorite childhood cereal). What are your favorite fro yo toppings?

collage of a salad and a burger with fries

Another great meal we had was at Yardhouse located at Westgate City Center where there are a million things to do. Tony claims he doesn’t like Yardhouse but that’s probably because he always orders burgers everywhere we go.

I decided to get the kale and brussels sprouts salad with chicken. You guys, honestly it was one of the best salads I’ve ever had. The rest of the trip I kept hinting at Tony that I wanted to go back ASAP because ER.MUH.GAWD that salad. YUM.

Mexican Food in AZ

Last but not least was a restaurant off the beaten path. We love discovering new places to check out, especially little holes in the wall with incredible, authentic food! This evening we had a serious Mexican food craving and Arizona has plenty of good spots to check out so I searched the internets for some recommendations.

We finally showed up at one I had been dying to try, but unfortunately there was an hour wait and it was one of those times where you just can’t bear to not eat right at that moment. Shortly after Yelp led us to Anaya’s Mexican restaurant and again, it was SO GOOD. Just look at Tony’s plate of food. I wish I would have taken a photo of the aftermath because he demolished the entire plate of food. Yep, literally ATE IT ALL. I don’t know how he does it.

monique with a margarita

I did what I do best. Skinny margaritas + chips + salsa. Some people don’t know how to make a skinny margarita, but this place did and I was oh so happy.

We honestly had the best time eating and enjoying the weather while in AZ. It’s really such a great place to visit, even if it’s just for a few days.

monique on a run

Other things I’m loving this past month:

-I watched Insurgent and Whiplash and loved them both. On Netflix I just finished watching Season 2 of Bates Motel. Tony and I purchased Season 1 of The Americans and are in love… I mean Keri Russel is in it so there you go.

-Exercise wise, I’ve been running a lot more. For me, running is very on and off in my life because sometimes I really dislike it. Most of you know that usually I do yoga and circuit training. Currently I am suffering from some mysterious neck and back pain that seems to get worse after I do yoga so I’ve really am trying to be kind to my body. It’s been difficult for me to step away from yoga but too painful to continue it. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for months and since things seem to be getting worse, I’ll be seeing a new doctor soon and hope to get some more answers. Not being able to be physically active as much as I’d like to be isn’t a great feeling and not getting answers is even worse.

-I have a bunch of other trips I need to share with you and a few more life updates, but for now I just wanted to check in and say hi and thank you for reading! xoxo.

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