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Chewy double chocolate chip cookies in a stack

Weekend Favorites: 12.18.15

My weekend favorites from December 18th, 2015! You’ll find a hilarious SNL skit, useful articles, and plenty of recipes to try.

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Happy weekend, friends! I’m back in Chicago after a lovely ski trip in Utah.

I probably hadn’t been on the slopes since I was 14, so not only was it an adventure but a little bit of a mental mind game. At one point, I accidentally skied down a blue run and thought I was going to DIE. Completely terrifying, but I did it and am pretty proud.

Anyway, what’s new with you? Do you have any Christmas parties to attend this weekend? I do! Tony has a family Christmas party every year, so on Saturday we’ll be attending that and then on Sunday we’re having one at our place. I’m supposed to bring cookies to the party tomorrow and am thinking quite a few versions. I’m sure you’ll see them all on Instagram later today!

In other news, my birthday is on Tuesday and I’m a little excited, but not really. I’m turning 27. WAIT WHAT. How did we get there? I swear I was just 24. I don’t know what’s happening to time. Also, nevermind the fact that saying that makes me sound 80.

Chewy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt in a stack

Whatever let’s just get into my favorite links of the week, because OMG they are delicious and FUN. Let’s do it:

One of my favorite blogs lately!

So in love with this chunky, soft sweater.

How to set up the ultimate guest room. We’re doing this now!

The easiest and BEST holiday appetizer you’ll ever make. 

How various kinds of chocolate makes cookies different.

16 best places to travel to in 2016.

Think I’m going to make a version of these sugar cookies. With orange cream cheese frosting maybe? YES.

Probably one of the best SNL skits I’ve seen in a while.

How to be better at what you do (especially when you’re a creative).

Have you tried black lemonade? Crazy cool.

Also making these cookies today (pictured above). Adding white chocolate and macadamia nuts FYI.


Hope you have a lovely, wonderful holiday weekend and in case you missed it: Don’t forget to check out my gift guides: beauty & skin care lover gift guidefor the man in your life, for the fitness lover, for your momfor the baker, for the home cook and for your best friend.

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