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Weekend Favorites: Going to Cabo + redoing our living room

I’m going to Cabo for a little vacation + we’re finally doing our living room…here are the AK weekend updates, including lots of drool worthy links!

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Hello hello. Welcome to the weekend friends. Yesterday I left for LA for a little meet and greet with Chef Curtis Stone & Bosch kitchen appliances. Since you guys know how much I love anyone who’s Australian, you’ll know that ME LOVE CURTIS STONE LONG TIME.

It does feel surreal to be back in California; it’s a little corner of the world I hold dear in my heart. It’s the place where I told myself that blogging could actually one day become my career, a place where I fell in love, a city that dazzled me from the beginning. And plus, the food scene out here is basically everything you could need. Indulgences, donuts, healthy food, acai bowls and all the sushi. I die.

california flag on a building


In other exciting news, Tony and I leave for Cabo for almost a week starting Monday. Have you been?!

FINALLY a freaking real vacation for this girl and her man. It’s been a whirlwind past 6 months; from buying a house, to starting Healthy Glow Co. to getting engaged and now planning a wedding. Woof. I’ve felt overwhelmed and it’s affected me in more ways than I think I initially realized.

Finally I’m taking a step back, focusing on a little self love + care and going on a relaxing vacation. Normally we love active hiking vacations, but there’s something to be said about being near the ocean, under the sun and in Mexico. I’m sure I’ll force Tony to play tennis with me every day too. Heh.

While I’m out in Mexico partying like it’s 1999, Abra’s going to be running things at AK headquarters. I may pop in on Instagram every now and then, but for the most part, I’m going off the radar. Email detox here we go.

Don’t worry, I’ll still have plenty of AMAZING recipes in honor of Cinco de Mayo — like easy tacos & skinny margs. I don’t know why it’s taken me a century to post a drink recipe; margaritas are my favorite drink of choice after all. Either way, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with next week’s deliciousness on the blog. If you haven’t noticed I’ve been trying hard to focus on new flavors, more savory and INCREDIBLE recipes for all of you! Hope you’re liking.


When I get back, we’ve got quite the project to tackle: OUR LIVING ROOM! For nearly 6 months we haven’t touched it at all. The only thing that’s really in it are all of my rugs I’ve been collecting for my rug shop. But that’s where my friends MegMade come in!

Since moving to Chicago three years ago, I’ve been purchasing furniture from MegMade. Simply put, I love them and Meg and Joe have become good friends of ours. Meg is in talks with HGTV to do a TV show (OMG!) so they’re doing our living room for a test. Basically it involves redoing everything, which of course, I’ll showcase on the blog. I’m SO excited because everything that Meg has put together is pretty incredible — and I love that she gets my style & vibe. She’s just the best!

Alright, now let’s get to weekend favorites:

Check out this secret foodie heaven — anyone been to Singapore?!

Is it my birthday yet? This incredible new chocolate bar from Mr. Trader Joe himself is calling my name!

How gorgeous would these bold earrings be with a white button up or crop top?

Might be ready to hop on the tassel sandal train just in time for Summer.

How to make beet chips. These look ridic!

How cute is this vegan tartare appetizer from Love & Lemons?

I get excited every time Sarah makes a new ice cream.

I love the idea of getting mom this pot and planting flowers in it for Mother’s Day.

So so obsessed with this dress.

One personality trait can transform how you see the world.

Chill out with this new playlist on Healthy Glow Co.

This awesome, 30-minute Tabata bodyweight workout is perfect for vacation. And I will be getting my workout on. #selfcare

Alright, and I’m out. Have a happy weekend loves. xoxo!

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