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monique with soft serve ice cream

Weekend Favorites: Fall is coming!

Fall is almost here — and that means my wedding will be right around the corner. AHHH!! But before that, check out my latest fav things!

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I’m sitting here early morning drinking my morning coffee and relaxing to the music of Oh Wonder. I love how the sun is just starting to peek out over the trees and that yes, it’s feeling like Fall might just be in the air. In fact, the crisp air took my breath away when I opened our patio door this morning; I was a little shocked by how chilly it got overnight. I suppose it’s finally time to turn off the AC, open all the windows and soak up the last few weeks of summer.

monique with soft serve ice cream

Wedding planning update

That being said, we’re now down to two months of wedding planning. Tony and I spent the last few nights putting together our invites, tying each up and gluing them shut. We opted to have calligraphy done for the addresses on the front by Samantha Meyer — they are STUNNING and I highly recommend checking her out if you are getting married (or love calligraphy!).

It still feels like I’m lacking in the planning department, but since it’s September 1st I’ve committed to pulling back on a lot of things — including travel and some work related projects, just so I can make sure I’m staying on track with planning.


This week flew by! I got back from LA on Monday night (from going to the VMAS + a retreat in Santa Barbara!) and threw myself into recipe development for an exciting project launching Jan 1. By the way, I finally got to try Pressed Juicery’s freeze while out west and it was FABULOUS! Pictured above. 🙂

Yesterday we did a Facebook Live to encourage donations to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. So far we’ve raised over $700 on my Facebook page and made my delicious tahini brownies too.


This weekend we’ll be relaxing and enjoying summer while we still can.

Now onto weekend favorites!

Cheap wedding dresses to save a little money.

Kitchen drawer organization 101. I NEED THIS.

When you need a little less stress in your life, try emotional decluttering.

I just got this book and am SO excited to read it.

This vegan banana cake is a MUST make because OMG that frosting.

There’s about to be a line of $5 wines at Target. Better than two buck chuck??

Obsessed with these booties for fall.

Read this article and really allowed me to understand what people are going through in the greater Houston area, plus where we can help.

Urban Outfitters is having a 30% off all sale items. Loving these earrings! They’re only $9.99 (or less!).

And finally, why Amazon buying Whole Foods was a great, great thing.

Okay that’s all I’ve got for you. Enjoy your long weekend! xo.

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