Weekend Favorites: a new playlist for you + sign up for muffin week!

Welcome to Weekend Favorites! I’ve got a new playlist for you, and a chance for you to sign up for muffin week to get the recipes straight to your inbox.

Hello, hello! How was your week?! Hopefully good! This weekend we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day here in Chicago. They’ll dye the river green (ew?) and it’s bound to be chaotic around the city.

Monique dancing on a sidewalk

Unfortunately I’m short on time and don’t have a ton of time to share things with you this week. Overall, I’ve been busy/anxious/overwhelmed with the launch of our new sites. We’re also working on #AKMuffinWeek starting March 26th, so get excited! And if you haven’t signed up for Ambitious Kitchen emails yet, I hope you do today!

It’s the best way to get my recipes delivered AND you’ll get a BONUS muffin recipe that same week! Whoo hooooo for the muffs. If you have any muffin requests, please let me know in the comments below.

hands breaking a cookie apart next to a phone and a to-go cup of coffee

a playlist for you!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share my latest Spotify playlist. If you aren’t following me on Spotify, please do! I make a new playlist every week or two and love sharing my favorite finds.

Hope you have a lovely, fun-filled weekend. Make sure to take time for yourself, prep a meal or two and don’t forget to spend a good amount of time laughing. xo!

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