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monique doing yoga in the sand

Weekend Favorites: a weekend of soul soothing + where I’m going on my honeymoon!

Enjoying a weekend of soul soothing and sharing where I’m going on my honeymoon! Plus tons of amazing links from around the web.

Hiiiii friends. Writing this to you from a soft bed in a gorgeous home tucked just outside the Santa Barbara mountains; I’m here for a retreat for female entrepreneurs and couldn’t be more excited! My stomach is content after inhaling an absolutely to die for meal of vegan enchiladas paired with brown rice and a southwest tahini kale salad.

On the other hand, my heart and soul are looking forward to a weekend of self discovery and vulnerability. It’s been awhile since I’ve had an open, honest conversation with myself about life and I’m excited to step away from work for a few days to focus on myself and my goals (or all the what if goals). Sometimes you just need that, you know?

I plan to document my journey here and what I’ve learned and fill you all in. Personal development is something I’ve always worked on, but now more than ever, I need a little self care too. I think that as an entrepreneur, you’re constantly evolving, changing and challenging yourself in new (and often scary) ways. Right now, I need to be in tune with what I need both personally and professionally.

monique doing yoga in the sand

Outfit details: I just got these leggings and they are my new favorite!!! Also the sports bra has a small pocket in the front for keys or other goodies! I love to run in this bra!

Sports bra: Under Armour Crossback Clutch Bra with Pocket

Leggings: Under Armour Mirror Breathe Lux High Rise Leggings


Since I told you last week that I’d reveal where we are taking our honeymoon, here it is…

AUSTRALIA! Also known as my favorite place in the entire world. Most of you might already know that I studied abroad there during college and also went back a few years ago with Tony for a friend’s wedding. It’s very special to us as a couple and we couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

That being said, if you live in Australia and know of any great places or hidden gems — let me know. We love hiking and exploring. We’re staying on the east coast and most of our itinerary isn’t planned yet, except that we’ll spend a decent amount of time in Byron Bay.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to weekend favorites!

LOVING this chocolate trail mix BAR!

You guys know we LOVE Trader Joe’s…check out the healthiest things you can buy there (according to an RD)! HINT: Most of them are on our favorite things here + our favorite treats & snacks here!

Three words: Paleo. Pumpkin. Churros. In a waffle iron. With dark chocolate dipping sauce. Okay more than 3 words.

Here’s why you tear up when you are around onions.

Take care of that skin with these 10 home remedies for eczema. Soothing.

This salad looks SO fresh. Avocado for the win… every single time.

Target lovers: take a peek inside what future Target stores will look like. Can I live there?

How weird is this Game of Thrones partner workout?

THIS is so, so important! 4 Ways to Support a Family Member in Eating Disorder or Disordered Eating Recovery. Use these tools to support friends and others close to you, too. Positive vibes.

Nothing I love more than comfort foods with a healthy makeover – check out this easy, hearty soup = delicious ‘cheesy’ goodness.

Have a beautiful weekend! xo

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