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Weekend Favorites: Hello February!

Ringing in February with some amazing new updates coming soon to Ambitious Kitchen plus the best links from around the web.

Hello and welcome to the wonderful month of February.

AGAIN, I forgot to share my wedding photos this week, but it turned out to be SUCH a busy week that I didn’t have any time to download them. It’s going to take some time and I want to make sure I can fully tell you the entire story of our special day!

Anyway… I promise I’ll post them SOON!

monique sitting at a table with pink plates

Yesterday I posted a cake photo on my Instagram that basically broke the internet. I’m SO excited to share that recipe with you soon! If I can post it sooner than February 12th I will, but I really want to test it ONE more time to really perfect the texture and make sure that it’s the ultimate paleo chocolate cake that you can make for valentine’s day, birthdays, etc. Just know that it contains almond and coconut flour so stock up!

This week was a CRAZY one. I mean that in a good way though. Tony and I are in the process of launching a new business (vintage rugs!), we celebrated Abra’s one year anniversary of working at AK, went to an event with Clinque + Create & Cultivate, did a big photoshoot for our new site… and the best news: AMBITIOUS KITCHEN is almost done being redesigned. It’s so exciting and I can’t wait to share the experience with you this Spring! I basically took all of your feedback to make my site better and implemented it. I always want AK to be a place of inspiration for all of you.

This weekend I need to do a deep clean of my house. I can’t explain it but having a clean house, bathroom and bedroom gives me life. So that’s pretty much number one on my to-do list. OH AND it’s the the Super Bowl, which I literally forgot about until today. Oops. I know that some people LOVE football, and at times, I do too! Just not this year. I’m sure I’ll still watch because hellooo… Justin Timberlake. I’ll post some app ideas below just in case you need a little inspo.

What I’m craving this week: Rice Krispie treats! I want to try and create a healthy version for you soon! Maybe with peanut butter?? YUM.

Now onto weekend favorites!

I wore these shoes on Instagram Stories yesterday and you all LOVED them!

I also splurged and got these shoes.

Check out this cool article from Bosch featuring yours truly!

Make this garlic bread ASAP. So easy and good with marinara for game day.

This spicy roasted cauliflower looks incredible.

Chewy chocolate chip coconut granola. I’ve been so in love with granola on smoothie bowls lately.

I think I need to get on the CBD train. Here are the best CBD products to try.

These one bowl chocolate chip blueberry muffins look fabulous. Also obsessed with this blog.

Trending denim… I can’t get enough.

I hope you have a happy, healthy weekend full of good eats + lots of love. xo!

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