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ocean over a cliff

Weekend Favorites: A little vacation on the horizon

We’re going on a little vacation soon and I need some recommendations. Plus check out my weekly favorite links & get the goodness!

Hey friends! This week has flown by like crazy, no? I can’t complain because I feel like Spring is only a month or two away. I’m eagerly waiting for the warmth to return so I can take out my bike and the trails — there’s something rejuvenating about the wind against you and rays of sunshine beating warm on your sweat-kissed skin.

ocean over a cliff

This past week was wonderful. Abra, Ambitious Kitchen’s brand manager started and we’re getting into a good workflow. I also got my oven fixed, which is a life saver. Yesterday I tried kickboxing for the first time in forever and made my skinny chicken enchiladas for dinner (they are also apart of the Healthy Glow Guide!). MAKE THEM!

I also made a crazy good chicken pot pie (see the video below). Would love if you watched and shared it with your friends! You can view here:

This weekend we are having a small engagement celebration at La Sirena Clandestina here in Chicago. I’ve never truly had Brazilian food and couldn’t be more excited to stuff my face and celebrate!

Next week Abra and I are going to a cookie decorating class, which should be fun. We’ll also be doing plenty of recipe testing for the next few weeks — yessss! It feels like I haven’t been in the kitchen in forever — I’ve been eagerly waiting to dream up all the recipes for Spring. Oh and I almost forgot — Lee is coming for a day to shoot some recipe content for Healthy Glow Co too!

However the most exciting thing on the horizon is a small vacation that Tony and I are planning for the beginning of March. Mostly just to celebrate our engagement and have some alone time without worrying about things like work or wedding planning. Right now we’re considering Arizona for some sunshine and hiking, but have no idea where to go. We’ve already done Camelback in AZ so we’re probably looking for an adventure outside of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Any recommendations of cool hikes or things to see/do?!

Enough blabbing already, let’s get to the weekend favorites!

Whatcha making for Game Day? How about these nachos?

Home remedies for a stuffy nose. Crossing my fingers I don’t get sick this year.

You might be storing your chocolate all wrong…

Ya need to really make these lighter jalapeno poppers. They’re dank.

Putting this on my dinner menu because it looks ridiculously good

I really must have these jeans.

Also need this top ASAP. Probs to go with the jeans.

Truly cannot stop staring at this cake.

Netflix documentaries that make you wanna be healthy. I’m in.

Have you heard of Google Wifi? We’re getting it for our place!

NEED this chair in my life. That blush color!

Alright that’s all I have for you this week. Thanks for hanging out with me. I hope your weekend is as incredible as you are. xo!

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