blonde woman demonstrating how to cut an avocado

The Easiest Way to Cut an Avocado

This is the safest, easiest tutorial on how to cut an avocado! The perfect method for safely removing the seed and using avocado in your favorite recipes like guacamole, tacos, salads, and more. 

blonde woman demonstrating how to cut an avocado with a title below

Hello hello! I’m back with another kitchen tutorial for you guys that you’re going to love. I’ve seen so many people (ahem, Tony) almost slice their hands when cutting and removing the seed from an avocado that I had to share my go-to hack.

Honestly this tutorial is pretty mind-blowing, so get ready to impress your friends when you show them the easiest way to cut an avocado without cutting off your fingers.

blonde woman demonstrating how to cut an avocado on a wooden board

This simple technique will bring you one step closer to becoming the kitchen boss that I know you are. Plus, you can use it to make some of my absolute fav recipes like my famous guacamole, these delicious tacos, and even fudgy brownies.

I had you at brownies, didn’t I? Let’s get to it!

blonde woman demonstrating how to cut an avocado

How to cut an avocado properly:

1. Tip: Use a small paring knife – no need for a huge butcher knife.

2. Cut your avocado vertically all the way around. You’ll feel the knife hit the seed as you go around.

3. Once you’ve cut it in half, turn your avocado the other way (keeping it vertical) to cut it in half again all the way around.

4. Twist the avocado around the seed and pull it apart.

5. Twist again and you’ll have four equal pieces!

6. Grip the seed with your hands (or use a spoon) and pull it off. Don’t use a knife.

7. Peel off the skin from each 1/4 piece, and mash or dice however you like.

Watch the video to see how to cut an avocado:

I hope you guys loved this easy tutorial on the easiest way to cut an avocado! If you try out this method be sure to leave a comment below and let me know how you liked it. Remember, practice makes perfect!

four sections of an avocado on a wooden board with a paring knife

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